Reasons Why Water Bills Increase

With so much economic uncertainty surrounding the pandemic, everyone seems to be on the lookout for unexpected expenses that could throw their budget out the window. However, you may have noticed that your water bill seems to have increased. The reason may be straightforward: you and your loved ones have been spending much more time at home, possibly working there and using no other bathrooms than your own. And you can probably conclude that this situation is likely to continue into the foreseeable future. Still, if you suspect that the increase in your water bill is higher than a few extra flushes, you may be on to something. Here are some possible culprits.

A Leak in the Toilet

Some leaks are so silent and unnoticeable that there is no way for you to take corrective actions until you receive your bill. If you allow a toilet leak to continue, you may see a continued increase in your water bills.

Faucets and Valves that Leak

Although a leak in a faucet or valve is not as huge as one in a toilet, the slow leak can also amount to a great deal of wasted water.

Seasonal Consumption

Summers are associated with higher water usage. Also, having guests at home for some period may increase water usage. See if you can pinpoint exactly when your bills are higher; they may not be related to any leak and may be only temporary.

Filling or topping off your swimming pool or hot tub several times during the summer could also be responsible for the increase in your summer water bills. You may also be watering your lawn or landscaping more frequently in the summer than during the rest of the year.

Your Water Heater is Old and Leaks

It has been calculated that the average lifespan of a water heater is between 8 and 10 years. Do you know how old yours is? It may need to be changed. While you do, look around the base of the heater to make sure there are no obvious leaks.

Your Appliances Are Leaking

A leak may be found behind or underneath your washing machine or your dishwasher. Check to see if there is water escaping and puddling on the floor. Also, look for warped or discolored stains on your cabinets and walls around these appliances.

Furnace Humidifier Set Too High

The furnace’s drain line may get backed up and its filters may clog with mineral deposits. When the drain is blocked, it may create a leak. Check the solenoid valve, which can allow water to come into the humidifier.

Exterior Leaks

Water issues may also happen outdoors. They may be related to your sprinkler system and your garden hoses may also have leaks. Search for areas that always seem to be wet, even when it has not rained recently. Check your driveway, curb, or any other area that may seem to be wet even when you have not hosed it down. Look for water that never seems to dry up or unexplained dark spots.

Call in the Professionals

No matter how careful you are with your water usage or how thoroughly you look for leaks, you may not end up discovering the root of the problem. Some leaks start underground and result in unusually large water bills. Others may be so small as to be almost invisible, but can still impact your water bill. Reaching out to your reliable plumbing services may finally put an end to your ever-increasing water bills. Schedule a house call today.

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