Benefits of an Automatic Garage Door Opener

Your garage door is a costly investment that you need to think a lot before repairing or replacing. Adding an automatic garage door opener may sound like the ideal solution for busy people. However, it comes with benefits and drawbacks you should carefully examine before making your decision. Chicago Garage Door is an established contractor that can install an automatic opener to your existing garage door. Despite what this garage door contractor says, it's important to know the benefits of installing such a mechanism.


Safety is one of the primary concerns for all people who install an automatic garage door opener. Especially for families with children and pets, the automatic opener should always have a detector to ensure that nobody stands within the garage door tracts. Modern garage door openers have such integrated safety systems to prevent serious injuries to the users, without obstructing the door's function.


People like to drive their cars and use their remote control to open their doors. It's the automatic garage door opener that has an infrared receptor activating the door opening mechanism when you approach your garage. Just imagine how hard it would be to leave your kids in the car and try to open the garage door manually. That becomes even worse when you have to deal with adverse weather conditions and need to enter your garage fast and easily.

3.Increased security

The newest automatic garage door openers have a so-called vacation mode. When activating that mode, you are free to leave for vacation without worrying about burglars that will copy your infrared code and enter your garage. Even when you are at home, the automatic garage door opener has the function of a rolling code. That makes it impossible for intruders to know the existing code since your remote control constantly changes it sending the message to the door opener brain.

4.Energy Preservation

Automatic door openers operate at a lower voltage and consume less energy compared to the standard ones. Every time you press the button to open the door, an inverter motor calculates the exact amount of energy needed to open the door and then closes the door quickly after you enter the garage. That helps maintain a stable temperature in the garage and reduces the energy needed to heat it.

5.Sufficient Exterior Lighting

The older garage doors didn't offer integrated lighting. You needed to buy lights and mount them separately on their exterior side. Modern manufacturers have built-in LED lights for all the automatic door openers. These lights are activated every time you press your remote control buttons and stay on for as long as you wish. That function is a big benefit for all homeowners since they save money from exterior lighting. Furthermore, there is no need to drill their garage door to apply more lights to increase their safety when entering their garage at night.

6.Lower Maintenance Costs

The newest garage doors are compact systems that only need a certain yearly maintenance. It costs less to call the experts for maintenance than dealing with damages frequently occurring in older garage doors. Doors with automatic openers have fewer moving parts than in the past and use improved lubricating agents. They also have more electronics to check their performance and stop their function when major damage happens. In the long run, maintaining a new garage door with an automatic opener is more affordable than repairing the old garage door.

7.Affordable Installation

Installing a garage door with an automatic opener may seem costly compared to a manual door. However, all new doors use improved parts and higher-quality metallic tracks that make their installation easier. Getting a new garage door is a value-for-money decision. Professional garage door services need less time to install an automatic garage door opener, which reduces the price significantly.

Today having an automatic garage opener increases your home value and makes your garage easily accessible. You can offer remote controls to all your family members and let them have a mindless entrance to your garage without worrying about bad weather. The mechanism is reliable and contains improved technology to ensure your family's safety at all times. Placing an automatic garage door opener is no more a useless luxury. Most burglaries happen when you have to leave your car and open your garage door manually since burglars could wait for you to come. Using the automatic door opener, you never have to leave the safety of your car while inspecting the garage door opening before you decide to enter.

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