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Most modern homeowners consider the garage an integral part of a home. It can be stand-alone or attached to the living area. The purpose of use may vary, but initially, it adds usable space to the house. One thing is for sure, everyone expects this extra space to be versatile and blend in well with the overall design of their property. Meanwhile, it's hard to find a great garage designer who can provide you with a perfect plan and fit all your requirements. Fortunately, Planner 5D is the best solution for homeowners and contractors to create and visualize their designs. You can make any changes during the design process until you are satisfied.

What is Planner 5D?

Planner 5D is a garage design software. This application allows you to experiment with your build in dynamic and vivid 2D and 3D renderings. Regardless of who you are, a beginner or a professional designer, you can have the garage design plan of your dream with only a few clicks. It is suitable for building from scratch and renovating this space to suit the house.

What can you do with Planner 5D?

Not every home has a garage, but it is a great amenity. Homeowners can use this extra unit for a variety of purposes, or even a combination, including:

  • Parking lot
  • Storage, laundry room
  • Car repair and maintenance workshop
  • Functional space for learning activities or hobbies such as crafts, games, fitness

Regardless of function, you will probably struggle with arranging the factors properly. It is also not easy to give the space the most flexible use when starting to design. The Planner5D software offers you capabilities to deal with all those tasks and is very simple to use. Users are provided with build-in tools to: 

Sketch 2D drawings

Planner 5D's format painter allows you to make floor plans from scratch. If you like to be creative, you can draw the walls and windows with lines and arrange the layout yourself. The auto-aligner makes your drawing and adjustments highly accurate. Users can also choose an existing garage floor design, drag and drop objects, adjust measurements, or simply get more ideas.

Arrange interiors

The Planner5D garage design program allows users access to a vast library of furniture and finishing elements. Depending on the intended use, you may be able to distribute the components to the location you have marked. Move them around until you have the most suitable arrangement. You can test colors, materials, and textures for all objects. Have fun filling the garage space as you imagine. You only need to drag and drop or click.

3D perspectives

Bring your 2D drawing to life with 3D rendering. The software is developed with three-dimensional visualization settings to help designers see how their finished and furnished garage will look from different angles, most clearly and realistic. This function is especially beneficial for amateur designers because they do not have to read technical drawings. Instead, a detailed, optically-perspective garage design can be ready in minutes.

Switching between 2D and 3D versions quickly helps designers test their ideas almost instantly. Users can design partially, save and continue to edit it later on. Drawings with different options can also be generated and compared for the most optimal garage design plan.

Advantages of designing your garage with Planner5D

The Planner5D garage planning and design software helps give a full visualization of how you want your garage to look. Users can create floor plans, layouts, and detailed perspectives. Are you a designer needing to race against a project plan deadline? A homeowner who wants to create your own garage space to your liking? A cost and time-saving solution seeker? Planner5D is a design program that allows you to customize the most complete and perfect garage building plan.

  • User-friendly interface. The program offers Web-based and App-based versions compatible with devices of iOS, Android, or Windows.
  • No special skills are required. Features are simplified into drag and drop and mouse clicks, suitable for everyone.
  • Rich library with many inspiring designs and components. Whether you're crafting from scratch or looking for ideas to renovate your existing garage, it's all provided.
  • Impressive, eye-catching 2D and 3D visualization gives you a comprehensive view from the whole to the details, inside and outside perspectives.
  • Unlimited revision. Edit until you are satisfied.
  • Multiple languages options
  • Free version is available

The PRO version of Garage Planner is suitable for professional designers and builders. This paid version incorporates many upgraded tools, helping designers impress customers and partners. The combination of AI design technologies, 360 Panorama, and 4D renders are the factors that make the difference for your design profile.

How to start designing your garage with Planner5D?

Planner5D Garage Plan is a complete and simple toolkit that helps you quickly and easily design a beautiful and functional garage. To use the software, you just need to follow these simple steps:

  • Visit the Planner 5D website or download the Planner 5D: Design your home app from the App Store or Google Play.
  • Select your desired language and press the "Sign-up" button.
  • The new window gives you two plans to choose from: the free personal plan and the paid PRO plan. Select the Sign-up button at the bottom of the version you want to sign. Consider designing your own home, or use it as a permanent tool for a professional design career.
  • Fill in the registration information with a valid email address and password of your choice.
  • Agree to the Terms and Conditions.
  • Once registration is complete, you can start your garage design project with handy design tools and unleash your creativity.
  • If you choose Professional use, the next step is to go to the Personal Profile page to set up a full profile. Monthly or annual subscription plan options will be provided. It allows PROs to have full access to all-in-one professional design tools and become a member of the Top Designers community to share, learn, and boost their portfolio to potential customers.

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