Important Tips for your Construction Site Preparation

A construction project always requires a strong and solid foundation. When it comes to a strong foundation the first step is site preparation. Preparing sites is the most vital part of any construction project. If you want your construction project to be successful in the long run you need to pay attention to minute details to prepare the site ready for construction. 

What is Site Preparation?

If you are a first timer and you are wondering what is site preparation then here is your answer. Site Preparation involves all the work that is done before you commence actual construction work with builders and engineers on the site. There are different steps involved in site preparation such as finalising location details, site excavation, site access, drainage and getting electricity etc. The process prepares you for any kind of site complications beforehand and enables you to address the issue up front, before starting construction work. If you work on site preparation properly, you will not only save your time but money as well. 

Builders and engineers need a properly prepared site to start the actual construction work whether it is a small house construction or a big commercial project. Here are some of the tips and guidelines to help you prepare your site ready for construction. 

  • Get Your Site Tested

Get the soil of your site tested to determine whether it can withstand the building structure or not; whether the soil has the ability to absorb water or not. Soil testing before starting any construction work will save you from future damage. 

  • Get Your Site Cleared 

The very first step in site preparation is to clear the site from any kind of trees, bushes or rocks. At this stage the site is cleared from all kinds of obstacles. To do this task you will be needing excavation services. Do your research for reliable excavation companies Sydney to get quality services. It is necessary to get excavation services from a trusted company as you will be needing them for other tasks like digging up foundation, site cleaning or for pool excavation as well. 

  • Get Your Site Cleaned

After removing all the trees, bushes and rocks, the next step is site cleaning. If your site is not clean and there is mess all over the space; it will create hurdles for everyone and they will not be able to perform their task smoothly. That is why it is essential to clean the site from all kinds of debris. 

  • Get Your Site Surveyed 

Get your site surveyed by survey pegs so that you are absolutely sure that you are building on the right block. In a site surveying, location of the structure is marked out. Site survey is an absolute requirement, it is not an option because  site surveying is a process which translates the construction plan into physical representation. 

  • Get Your Site Investigated 

It is safe to get your site investigated by geotechnicians. It will allow you to evaluate the site and you will have knowledge regarding the rock, soil condition and groundwater. It is useful to design and construct foundation structure. 

  • Get Your Site Designed 

Making a site plan design is a vital and useful step in site preparation. The site design indicates the placement of drainage systems, fixtures, new access roads to site for construction vehicles and storage area for construction material and supplies. The site plan outlines where the building will be constructed. Site design is updated continuously according to needs and demand of construction. 

  • Get Electricity on Your Site

You need electricity from the very beginning of any construction project whether it is a commercial construction project or a residential project. Many tools, machinery and construction equipment need electricity to perform a task. Also you need lights and water pumps at the construction site which can not work without electricity. You should go to a reliable local electrician to get electricity services as you will be needing these services again and again. 

  • Get Your Site Secured

Securing your site from any kind of accidents is very important. We are aware of the fact that multiple things happen on a construction site simultaneously which increases the danger of accidents. To avoid any kind of accidents you need to have a safety plan. Put clear warning signs where there is electrical danger. Use clear Sign boards to identify any holes and dips in the ground so that everyone is aware of the potential risk. 

These are all the essential steps you should follow to make sure your construction project is a success. With your construction site clear, clean, well designed, tested, surveyed and protected, you are all set to commence the construction work. 

Hopefully this article will be of your help. Best of Luck with your construction project. 

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