Benefits of Metal Roofing for Australian Houses

A roof is one of the most essential components of a house. It serves as a shield to save the house from unfavourable natural components like storms, strong winds, heavy rainfall and hailing etc. It also serves as a shield against scorching sun heat in summers. 

Are you wondering to select the type of roofing you want for your new house? Or do you want to replace the roof of your old house due to asbestos removal services you are getting to get rid of that toxic element. Nowadays there are so many options available to choose that it becomes hard to select one. But there is no need to worry or get confused as we are here to help you out find the best option for your roof. 

In Sydney, The popular available options for roofing material include tiles roofing, shingle roofing, metal roofing and color bonding etc. Metal roofing system is getting immense popularity and has become the most favourite choice in Australia. You can find many houses in the country with metal roofing. The durability and performance of metal roofing along with its wide range of land-scape inspired color options make it a true Australian home feature. 

With its immense popularity in Australia people are now researching more and more about metal roofing. There are various benefits of metal roofing that make it the most common choice of Australian people. We have enlisted some of the benefits of metal roofing to help you make your decision wisely. If you want a metal roof for your house then you should know that you are taking this decision not only on its popularity but due to its advantages. After reading this article you will know whether it is time to call for metal roofing services in Sydney or not. 

Types of Metal Roofing 

Before getting into details of the benefits of metal roofing. We thought of providing you with a list of types of metal roofing available in the market. 

  • Aluminium Roofing

It’s long lasting nature increases the lifespan of your roof. It is also resistant to salt water corrosion. 

  • Copper Roofing 

It is a soft metal with low melting temperature and it also is extremely long lasting. 

  • Steel Roofing

It is alloy made from iron and other elements. Steel is the most recycled material which makes it green and environment saving building material. 

  • Colorbond Roofing 

Colorbond steel roofing is a green building choice. The elements used in its paint make it corrosion resistant. 

  • Zinc Roofing

Zinc roofing is famous for its extremely long listing nature. It too is corrosion resistant with the lowest melting temperature. 

Benefits of Metal Roofing 

Here are some of the benefits we have enlisted to help make your decision easy. 

  • Long Lasting

As mentioned above, many metals are extremely long lasting. Their long lasting nature expands the service of metal roofs. According to studies expected life service of metal roofs is 40 years whereas expected life service of asphalt is 23 years and single ply is of 20 years. With metal roofs on your head you will not have to worry about replacing the roof for a long period of time. It is a long lasting investment. If properly maintained and taken care of thoroughly they last upto 50 years or longer.

  • Energy Efficient

Metal is an energy efficient material due to its reflective nature. Metal roofs reflect most of the heat waves coming from sunlight especially in hot summer days. Other roofing materials like tile and shingle roofs absorb heat energy coming from the sun. Their dark and dense material is heat absorbent which results in heating up the roof quickly. In comparison to them metal roofs repel the heat waves. The repulsive and reflective nature of metal roofs make it the best choice for homes that are in a hot climate like Sydney. Metal roofs, thus, are energy efficient and save your power bill.

  • Fire and Wind Resistant 

We all know how important it is to go for material that is fire resistant in Australia especially in the season of bush burning. Metal roofs are exceptionally fire resistant. They can hold against extremely high temperatures. As these roofs are lightweight and built in a secure design, they also provide shield against strong winds and storms of Australian weather. 

  • Light Weight 

As metal is exceptionally lightweight and thin you can put it on any kind of structure. You do not need to have extraordinarily strong building structures with metal roofs. Though tile roofs are more long lasting than metal roofs, they are extremely heavy and are not suitable for any kind of structures. They need a powerful and strong foundation and structures with more pillars and support. With metal roofs you do not need complex building structures, it fits on all the buildings. 

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