5 Modern Roof Design Ideas to Go For

When planning to build a new house or to renovate your already existing place every detail is taken care of with great interest because our houses are a place of comfort for us. Not just physical comfort but also mental peace as aesthetically pleasing space has been proven to give people a positive atmosphere where one can live more happily and tends to pay attention to the negative aspects and improve them. So for a place to be a perfect place to reside in it has to be comfortable as well as aesthetically pleasing.

So in home construction or renovation everything is designed with great detail which includes the roofing. Modern roofing designs are innovative and are more useful along with being aesthetically pleasing. And there is a lot of variety in what the roofs are made of and how the designs are going to be. From simple but beautiful designs to a lot more modern but at the same time useful designs have been introduced. s

Following are 5 modern go to roof design ideas which are innovative, look beautiful and are useful at the same time.

  1.   Flat Roofs

 If you are looking for something simple, elegant and something other than the usual traditional roof designs then flat roofs are a perfect choice. These are simple but at the same time this roof design looks elegant. These give off a modern look and are weather friendly. The first thing that might cross anyone’s mind when they get to know about the flat roofs is that the rain water will surface on it. But as absolute flat roofs can cause the rain water to surface, the flat roofs are designed to clear surface water as rapidly as possible by giving it a minimum fall. The fall is supposed to be designed from 1:40 to finishing it by 1:80 for a perfect outcome.

  1.   Curved Roofs

More innovative roofing services are being offered and one of the popular ones is metal fabrication. For metal fabrication Sydney has a popular demand as these roof designs has high resistance, impermeability and longevity.

And by using this process, metal roofers make different designs and curved designs are one of them. Curved roofs are made more for aesthetic purposes and come off as attractive and shiny. These are visually appealing if you have seen one before then you can probably tell how appealing it is to the eyes. If one is looking for a unique design then this is the one you are looking for because these type roofs have the ability to be customized. Since curved roofs are specifically designed by the architect so they can design to fit the area and to match the owner’s taste.  

  1.   Reflective Roofs

The modern designs are made not just to make things look attractive but unlike the older times, now the designs are made for the convenience of the users and for comfort along with making things look attractive. The roof designers have adopted the technique and came up with reflective roofs. These roofs keep the house cool by reflecting the sun rays. These are also known as cool roofs. Reflective or cool roofs are designed to reflect sun rays without absorbing much heat from it. Comparing to the traditional roofs, reflective roofs have high solar resistance. These roofs are coated with reflective paints, a sheet covering or highly reflective tiles. Paints are the most commonly used coat. These paints are available in different colors but white coatings are by far, considered the most effective and reflect 50 percent to 90 percent of the sunlight and heat that hits your roof. So these are the perfect type for Sydney because in summer season the sun is unbearably hot and what else is needed other than this solar resistant cool roof?

  1.   Artistic Roof Designs

The roofs above your head can provide you more than just cover or shade. It can be a source of your aesthetic pleasure and can reflect your artistic personality and a perfect way to express you taste. Represent your own style in the exterior of your house with the help of the professionals. Give your roofs a sculptural or artistic look that reflects their personality or style.

  1.   Mono-Pitched Roof

Mono-pitched roof is also referred to as lean-to roof or skillion roof, it is a single slopped roof surface not attached to the other roof surface. Skillion roofs are quick and easy to install. These are generally built with streamlined roofing material which is rubber skin and metal finishes. These roofs are given a 90 degree slope so the roof is steep and because of that water runs off the roof effectively. This one is another good choice in Sydney considering the weather conditions. 

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