10 Construction Site Safety Rules to Follow

Any piece of land where a building is being built or repaired comes under construction sites. On construction sites a lot of tools and pieces of machinery are being used and the workers are working on heights and in an environment where hazardous materials are present.

In short construction sites can be a dangerous place if one is not cautious. There are a lot of dangers because of the nature of the work at the construction sites. The potential dangers and how to prevent them will be discussed in this article so you can stay safe and avoid any unfortunate event.

There are the 10 hazards and the safety measures that can be taken to these accidents.

  1.     Working on a height

The most common reason for fatal injuries and deaths on construction sites is working on heights. To prevent such incidents it is necessary that the workers are given proper training and only those who have been trained should be allowed to work at the height.

Also avoiding working on the height, for example assembling what can be assembled on ground level, welding and fabrication Sydney can reduce the risk of such accidents.  Some safety measures when it is necessary to work on height can help minimizing the risk for example providing safety nets.

  1.     Machines or moving objects

There are lots of unusual objects moving all over the construction sites include overhead lifting equipment, supply vehicles and diggers, all which move around a unusually uneven terrain.

The risks can be reduced by following safety rules. Avoiding going anywhere close to the moving object, staying vigilant of ones surroundings especially if the object does not have lights and by wearing personal protective equipment such as high visibility jacket to ensure you are seen.

  1.     Slip and fall

It is understandable that construction sites usually have uneven surfaces and one can trip and fall. These slipping, tripping and falling problems can be reduced by taking precautionary measures and maintaining the work site properly.

If there is water or mud where can slip and fall it should be treated with stones. If the problem is trailing cables then it should only be used where it is needed and there too cables should be run at high level and uneven surfaces should be treated by making walkways that will be used as walking tracks among the uneven terrain.

  1.     Noise

Constant and repetitive noise can cause long term hearing problems so it is necessary to wear proper PPE when working at the site.

  1.     Hand arm vibration syndrome

Hand arm vibration syndrome is a disease caused by the vibrating hand held tools and can be prevented but if the damage is done it can be permanent. The workers, therefore, should be given appropriate measures to save them from the damage.

  1. Material and manual handling

Different equipment is used to move things at the construction sites and some are moved manually. And if adequate training is not given to the workers it can be trouble because handling carries a risk.

  1.     Collapsing

Commonly occurred incidents on construction sites include collapsing trenches. and sometimes buildings that are being demolished fall unexpectedly and that causes ones inside serious injuries and even death. These unfortunate events can be prevented by making sure before starting the work that there are no irregularities, ensure the trench is fully secured and regularly inspect both before and during work shift.

  1.     Asbestos

Asbestos is the set of six naturally appearing fibrous minerals. When materials containing this are destroyed or damaged these fibers are released into the air and asbestos cause deadly diseases. Average 5000 workers per year die because of this and almost 20 tradespeople per weak die as a result of past exposure.

For safety measures services for asbestos removal Sydney should be taken and the workers should be trained what to do if they come across objects with asbestos.

  1.     Electrical accidents

It is reported that almost 1000 electrical accidents are reported at construction sites every year. This is most commonly because of the touch of the live parts directly or indirectly. Workers on sites are usually not trained electricians. These accidents can be prevented if the qualified workers are assigned to do their own jobs.

  1. Dust

Not so surprisingly, there is dust on construction site and usually it is fine, invisible and toxic mixture of harmful materials. This can damage lung diseases, asthma and silicosis. It is necessary that the protective equipment is not only provided but it is important to make sure it is used properly as well.

The accidents on construction sites can very much be prevented by providing proper personal protective equipment and by making sure that the protective measures are regularly being taken, also by being vigilant.

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