Benefits of Coir Entrance Matting

Coir mats are mats with short and tough coir bristles, commonly used for entrances and porches to help people dry and a from their shoes. 

Most people refer to coir mats as door mats, entrance matting, coco mats, or even coconut mats.

They usually come in brown color. However, they can be dyed into many colors to suit all interior and exterior designs. 

Coir mats are made of fiber derived from coconut husk. These fibers are known to be tough and water-resistant. They are therefore environmentally friendly and guarantee you the best service ever.

 Here are the five main benefits that you will enjoy by using coir entrance matting:

  • Durability

The tough nature of coir mats makes it the best for areas of high traffic like kitchens and hallways. These mats can last for years and still give the best cleaning services.

They form an absorbent layer that soaks water, collects dust, and dirt without becoming slippery. They are also resistant to deterioration by seawater, fungal, and bacterial growth.

 No mold or bacteria can grow on coir mats. All this lengthen their lifetime and quality entrance matting services.

  • Versatility

Coir matting comes in different colors, designs, and natural finish. You can always find high-quality Coir Mats from UK mats in your favorite design and color for your interior and exterior design.

Some mat producers like the UK mats make logo coir mats. Your mat is designed with your logo on it. This is done using the unique cut and inlay method, or printing your logo on it directly. 

The coir mats can be easily cut using a knife. This meaning it can easily fit in an entrance of any size.

  • Eco-Friendly

Using a coir mat is an essential way to conserve the environment. This is because most coir mats are made using hands rather than factories.

Unlike other types of mats, these mats are made from organic materials. Coir is a renewable fiber harvested from the coconut husk. Husks are recycled to form mats instead of being dumped in the environment.

They are environmentally friendly because coir is not treated with chemicals and pesticides during manufacture.

  • Cost-Effective

It is everybody's wish to get high-quality products without having to dig too deep into their pockets. This is exactly what the coir mat will do for you.

Compared to other mats options, coir mats are competitively priced. You can get a unique coir mat with all your desired qualities without having to spend too much on your budget. 

Coir mats are easy to install. You will not require special machinery, skills, or providers for installation. Even if it is bigger than you expected, you can cut it using a knife.

  • Guard Against Dirt and Accidents

It is easy to keep off dirt, dust, and moisture from your building using coir mats. They are the best for keeping off dust in entrances with high amounts of footfall for instance offices, schools, and hallways. This is made possible by the texture of coconut fibers used on these mats.

By trapping dust and moisture, your mat and shoes will be slip-free. This will reduce slip accidents. The mats can be easily cleaned using a vacuum cleaner or by simply shaking the dirt off whenever they get dirty. 

Real and Natural Look

Coir mats have a natural look that cannot be easily replicated. Even if there are many types of mats nowadays, coir mats remain to be the ideal choice for those who like natural and real looks.

Coir mats can also be adapted to match both your exterior and interior designs. You can have your mat dyed to your favorite color.

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