How to sell your house quickly

Selling your house can be a stressful time if it ends up taking ages. And this is quite possible depending on various factors such as chains, purchasers changing their minds and your advertising not working. You might even be getting loads of people viewing your home but then not wanting to proceed.

Fear not if you are having some issues selling your place as there are a number of things you can do to get things moving a little more quickly. Here are a few tips to speed things up a bit:


If people are coming round to view your home but they are not coming back to see it again or they are not willing to make an offer, perhaps you should consider decorating. Doing your home up can make it much more appealing and this can be the change that leads to your ideal house offer. Go for a blank canvas look because, to be honest, most people don’t have much imagination so they need a plain surface to be able to see what they might do to it.

Tidy up

If someone is coming round to view your home make sure that you tidy it up. No one wants to go to a property and see a mess. They are going to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds if they make an offer so make your home look as valuable as possible. A quick tidy can make a real difference.

Advertise for a quick sale

A lot of sellers get things moving by stating in their advert that they want a quick sale. This suits a lot of buyers and, let’s face it, no one wants this transaction to go on for months and months.

Offer incentives to fast buyers

One technique is to offer a reduction in house price if someone complete within a certain period. Offer 5 per cent off the house price and this will make people act faster. It is almost guaranteed to help.

Find a fast conveyancing firm

There are also conveyancing firms that specialise in quick sales, so if you do want things to move quickly it is wise to seek out a firm like

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