Top 5 Tips for Warming Up a Cold or Drafty Apartment

No one likes a cold or drafty apartment. Even in the summertime – at night – it can be impossible to stay comfortable and tough to fall asleep. Moreover, no one likes having to wear three sweaters just to stay warm in the home. As the winter months approach, this problem will only become more and more pressing, so it is critical to make sure you know how to stay warm without running the heater all day. There are a number of ways to make sure your home is ready, and most of the methods aren’t even that expensive. Here are the top five tips for warming up a cold or drafty apartment.

  1. If it gets particularly cold, it is wise to put tape around the windows. If you live in an apartment it might go against your lease to re-caulk your windows and you probably don’t want to seal them shut, but by using a tape that won’t rip off too much paint, you can effective seal the draft that might be blowing cold air into your apartment. Another option is to call the superintendent of your building to have the drafts sealed with caulk.
  2. Install drapes over your windows. This is also a great way to cover up unsightly walls with lots of bricks or cracks. Most importantly, though, you want the drape or wall hanging to be thick enough to protect from the cold air that is emanating from the outside. That cold air fills the space behind the walls, and if they’re not properly insulated, can create a refrigerator effect. However, the more material the cold air has to run through, the warmer it becomes.
  3. Bake some cookies or a cake. Running the oven can be an excellent way to warm up your cold and drafty apartment. If your place is already pretty small, the oven will probably do an excellent job of warming up your whole apartment. If not, it’s a great excuse to spend more time learning how to bake delicious treats. Also, it might be wise to leave the oven open after you are done baking to maximize the amount of warm air distributing throughout the apartment.
  4. Cover the floors. If you have cold hard wood or cement floors, covering them with a rug or some type of tapestry can be hugely effective at keeping your apartment warm and comfortable. What can happen is that cool air can absorb and emanate from the floors of your apartment, which can be especially uncomfortable, especially if you want to walk around barefoot.
  5. Electric blankets. Your blankets will no doubt be your savior this winter, so why not amp up the warmth with an electric blanket. The electric blankets of today are much safer and not as much of a fire or electrical shock hazard as they used to be. If you want to sleep soundly this winter in your cold and drafty apartment, an electrical blanket will be your best friend.
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