How to Furnish the Outdoor Patio of Your Apartment

Apartment patios are small – there is maybe only enough room for a potted plant and a chair if you want to relax comfortably outdoors. However, there are a number of ways to furnish your small outdoor patio space to maximize the available room and increase the comfort level. When you are thinking of design ideas you also have to think of the essentials. For instance, you are going to have to determine what the purpose of the patio space will be. Are you looking for a lounge space for the summer or someplace to grow vegetables and herbs? Asking these questions is important before you get to work. Here is how to furnish the outdoor patio of your apartment.

First, you have to consider your privacy. Most outdoor patio areas are exposed to other apartment buildings and maybe even street traffic. In this instance, it is important to find a way to block off your space from prying eyes. One of the best ways to do this is with some kind of trellis containing vines or hanging flowers. Most of the time you can purchase trellises with vines already pre-grown so that you don’t have to wait a summer or two for it to gain the most coverage.

After you’ve found a way to create some privacy you are going to need to block out the sun. The easiest way to block out the sun is with some type of awning. Yet, many apartment complexes won’t allow the installation of big awnings that have to be built into the actual building. In this case, one of your best options is an umbrella. An umbrella will provide coverage when you need it and you can easily take it down when you are not utilizing the patio – this is a great way to maximize space.

Next, considering that summer is pretty much upon us, we probably want to use our apartment patios to do some lounging in the sun. If you have a single occupancy apartment you can simply purchase a sun lounger, which won’t take up too much room and will allow you to soak up the sunshine in relaxation. There is also the option of purchasing a sun lounger that you can fold up and put away when you aren’t using your patio. Some sun loungers are also adjustable so that you can sit up when you want to read and lie down when you want to tan.

Lastly, when you are furnishing and designing your outdoor patio space it is important to think of the details. For instance, street traffic can be incredibly loud. If this is the case, you might want to think of installing an eternally running fountain – the soothing water sound will hopefully drown out the sounds of the cars whirring by and all the honking. If you have space after you’ve installed a fountain, you can include a barbecue or some kind of grill, which could make your apartment patio the ultimate hangout space for you and your friends.

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