Frame By Frame: Storm Windows Versus Replacement Windows

For the longest time, homeowners, designers, architects, and specialists have debated over storm windows and replacement windows. Each variation has flaws and benefits, and utilizing them can mean a lot for any property. Not only that, but each option has dozens of factors one has to consider before installing. This aspect has led to countless rushed decisions that later end up as costly and troublesome. Do you install storm windows or replacement windows in your home? Fortunately, there are things you can consider before making a decision. One way you can do so is to look up guides and platforms, including 3 Window Estimates. Plus, we will compare both options to make your life easier. 

What Is A Storm Window?

You might think that a storm window is a structure that protects your frames and glass from such natural occurrences. That may count as a valid point. But a storm window does more than that. It is a type of window you set outside the pre-existing windows. They act as a secondary layer of protection for the windows and frames inside. Not only that, but these add-ons also provide better insulation for the room it protects. What’s more, is that you can remove these windows with ease. 

There are two types of storm windows. They are exterior and interior. 

Exterior windows are the ones that you set up on the outside of existing window frames, and interior storm windows are the ones you set inside. Exterior windows are the ideal option for most homeowners since they are more durable and effective against the elements. 

How About Replacement Windows?

Replacement windows are different from their storm counterparts. These windows will require you to “replace” the old ones you have at home. Like most things today, these windows have better features and cost-efficient perks. 

In addition, these types of windows have fewer issues you will deal with in the long run.

Round One: The Advantages

Storm and replacement windows have tons of benefits. That is why many people have trouble picking the best one for their properties. In this portion, we will first show the advantages of each type. 

For Storm Windows

Storm windows start off with a cheaper cost to install. That means you do not have to spend a sum of money setting them up in your setting. Not only that, but they also improve the inside window’s insulation.

Storm windows also allow you to keep the existing window’s aesthetic. You do not have to remove the old ones so you can place the storm windows. Another advantage storm windows have is they reduce the overall noise you will hear.

For Replacement Windows

Let’s talk about the aesthetic appeal advantages first. Replacement windows have thousands of designs, almost all of which will improve your home’s value. 

Next, these windows have better climate control, insulation, and energy efficiency. In addition, they allow more natural light to come inside your rooms. 

There is also the concept of customization. You have the liberty to customize your replacement windows to fit a theme or motif. 

You can also do so to avoid any setup or installation issues that may occur later.

Perhaps the best advantage you can get from replacement windows is the amount of maintenance you will do. These windows require little to no maintenance once you set them up. 

Round Two: The Disadvantages

Unfortunately, these windows also suffer from flaws and issues. Check them out below.

For Storm Windows

Installing storm windows requires you to replace them after three or four years. Not only that, but it is also a hassle to clean them. 

You need to unscrew them from the window frames before you can do some cleaning. 

These windows also reduce the amount of light that comes into the rooms. 

The other issue with storm windows is they are unappealing to some homeowners. They look like an eyesore that sticks out from the property window frames.


For Replacement Windows

Perhaps the worst disadvantage to replacement windows is the installation cost. You require a lot of money to set these types of windows up in your home. Speaking of installation, you need to hire a professional to do the job. 

A replacement window is complicated. 

That is why a specialist is a must to accomplish the project without flaws.

Not only that, but replacement windows require a long time to install. They have components and other parts that are tricky and challenging to place. 

It is also a question of installing replacement windows in older homes. You can still do so. But replacement windows will reduce the property’s overall historic charm and value.

Before You Install

It would help if you thought of the factors that contribute to the whole installation process. This aspect is a must before you even pick which type of window to install. 

The first thing you need to consider is finance. You will require money to set these windows up, regardless of your choice. Replacement windows will cost you more cash. 

Storm windows do not, but you need to replace them every couple of years. That, in turn, mandates you to spend more money.

The next thing to consider is time. While storm windows do not take a lot of it to install, it is not the same for replacement windows. Replacement windows take more time to install due to their complexity.

Get Help

It goes a long way to get some help installing these windows. A professional installer will have no trouble putting these investments in your home. The only thing you need to worry about will be the worker’s rates later.

And The Winner Is

It is a draw. It is a fact both options have advantages and disadvantages. But it is up to you to look for the best choice for your home. You can have some friends and family members for a second opinion. But the last word comes from you. Better check the perks and features carefully first. Doing so lets you avoid any issues – financial and otherwise in the long run. 

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