Apartment Cleaning: All About Professional Cleaning

The concept of cleaning, in the common people - cleaning apartments is firmly rooted in everyday life. Now the services of cleaners are used by large enterprises, ordinary residents of houses. Cleaning - cleaning to order according to the schedule, the fight against dirt, disorder in the premises.

The same can be said about the services of an employee. That's just in terms of quality, performance, the difference will be obvious. What is cleaning, how does it differ from the services of a cleaning lady armed with a rag and a bucket?

5 differences between cleaning and cleaning

The concepts of professional cleaning and cleaning are often confused. Cleaning provides cleanliness and full care for demanding furniture, wood and stone surfaces. For example, the cleaning lady will clean the floor, but not take care of the marble countertop.

An experienced cleaner in Live Clean Today, https://www.livecleantoday.com/, in addition to washing floors, will put marble and parquet in order. For work, special chemistry and equipment are used. Five main points that distinguish cleaning services from simple cleaning:

  • Cleaning equipment and equipment. The arsenal includes a vacuum cleaner, steam cleaner, scrubbing machine, steam generator. Washcloths and brushes are selected specifically based on the type of surface.
  • Quality cleaners and detergents. The cleaning agent is selected according to the surface material, the nature of the contamination. Aggressive compounds, hard brushes, abrasives, wire washcloths are not used.
  • Non-standard work: maintenance of marble, wood or delicate textiles. The work also includes the fight against soot, dampness, if the apartment is after a fire, a flood.
  • Performance. For professional cleaners, the speed of putting things in order does not lag behind quality and efficiency.
  • Education and preparation. Cleaners are trained in the rules of coating care, the intricacies of cleaning and stain removal. Specialists undergo training, refresher courses. For a relatively small cost, the cleaners will put the room in order, take care of interior items, appliances, and decor. The result is a sparkling cleanliness and comfort that you cannot achieve on your own.

What are the types of cleaning

Cleaning in the rooms can be carried out at any frequency and on a variety of occasions. The services of companies are in demand before the holiday, the arrival of relatives. With a busy work schedule, the help of cleaners is just a godsend. Below are the main types of apartment cleaning.


General cleaning is carried out every six months or a quarter. And this is the most time-consuming set of measures, because you need not only to wipe the dust. Cleaners clean mirrors, glass, remove grease from cooking surfaces, cabinets. Cleaners remove old stains, process a bath, and a sanitary unit.

All work is carried out quickly but efficiently. Thanks to regular care, cleanliness will be maintained, housing will delight in order. Subsequent cleanings will be a little faster, easier.

After renovation

Cleaning after repair work or construction is a separate type of service. Any events are carried out not only quickly, but also with high quality. Professionals cope with everything that seems to the tenants a difficult obstacle on the way to comfort.

The main difficulty is to remove cement dust and the annoying smell of paint and glue. The sequence is important here - from cleaning large debris to washing surfaces.


Urgent or express cleaning is an indispensable service for those who need to quickly put things in order. For example, before the arrival of guests, relatives, when time is strictly limited.

It will not be difficult for specialists to clean up the mess after flooding by neighbors. To combat moisture, heat guns and dehumidifiers are used. The furniture is thoroughly dried, the wood is treated with special antifungal agents.

What are the benefits of cleaning

When ordering professional cleaning, the client independently chooses a convenient time and date for cleaning the apartment. Cleaners work without breaks, on weekends, holidays. In addition to a convenient schedule, cleaning has other advantages:

  • quality. Mirrors polished to a shine, wooden, marble surfaces, cleanliness in the kitchen are not the only signs of quality. Cleaning companies value their image, so they perform work at the highest level;
  • financial savings. The customer, paying for the services of cleaners, saves money on the purchase of expensive household chemicals, inventory, equipment;
  • saving time. A team of cleaners can handle a large amount of work faster than a hired worker. At the same time, the customer can go about their business, relax, and not waste energy trying to remove the stain from the leather sofa;
  • an individual approach in everything - from the choice of cleaning work to the care of specific types of decor, furniture.

Responsibility is one of the important qualities of a professional cleaner. What can not be said about the hired worker. The cleaning company is responsible for the quality of services, the safety of interior items, and meeting deadlines.

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