Check In With The Best Sofa And Loveseat Covers For Your Leather Seating Arrangement

There are times when you feel like changing the look of your loveseat or sofa, along with keeping it protected from the stains and unwanted foreign particles, like dirt and dust. If so, then you better try getting hands on the sofa and loveseat covers right now.  These covers are not just used for changing the look of the sofas, but will keep it protected when you have guests coming over. A slipcover happens to be an easy way to add that warmth to room and body, as you can change it with the seasonal décor, if you want to.

However, if you have leather sofas in place of fabric ones, then you have limited covers to go with it. Make sure to be very careful while making a purchase when it comes to slipcovers as you want your procured item to cover the leather seats well, without slipping right off.

How to keep slipcovers from slipping off leather sofas?

Do you have leather seats and want the best slipcover for it? You might have purchased one but you better go for the ways to keep those covers from slipping off.

  • You can try out the non-slip carpet padding option.
  • You can even work out on the foam batting to help prevent the slipcovers from slipping right off the leather sofas.

If you do have a sofa in darker leather, then use one opaque and heavy material for covering it so that the dark color doesn’t show through the item.

The steps to consider:

There are some simple steps you need to follow while keeping slipcovers on leather sofas. For that, you will need measuring tape, scissors and non-slip rug pads.

  • At first, measure sitting surface of the couch and add six inches to entire diameter. Then measure length of backrest.
  • Then cut the non-slip rug pad and cur second piece of such pad as per the backrest measurement. The width needs to be around 24 inches so that you have enough material to cover the back and front of couch.
  • Now, after placing the rug pad, tuck edges between cushions and couch frame to secure it. Allow 3 to 4 inches to just hang to cover front of seat cushions.
  • Drape second piece of rug pad over top of backrest and then place slipcover on that rug pad covered leather sofa. Then secure the cover as directed.

Go for the polyester and cotton blended one:

If you are looking for fabric that blends two or even more fibers, with the quality to represent both, then a blend of polyester and cotton seems to be a clever option. Polyester is known for its strong fiber for resisting wrinkling and keeping up the shape, and then you have cotton, which is light in weight and known for its natural fabric to withstand high temperature and ability to breathe.

Catching up with all the available options before making a choice means you don’t have to bother invest money on unwanted items at all. Check out all the options before that final call in here.

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