4 Items For Which You May Need The Assistance Of A Luxury Moving Company

We all try to save where we possibly can, however, in some instances it is worth spending a bit more to get the job completed the right way. Luxury moving companies that specialize in packing and transporting precious valuables is worth looking into when you want your belongings to arrive in one piece. Even though it is going to cost you more than standard moving charges, you have the benefit of specialised expertise when it comes to irreplaceable items being transported safely and appropriately. Here are five types of items that might necessitate moving from a luxury moving agency.

  1. Antique Furniture

Just because your great grandmother’s armoire appears to be sturdy, does not mean it will necessarily hold up well during a move. The materials in antique furniture deteriorate over time and the slightest bit of stress could result in lasting damage.  A luxury moving company has the knowledge and expertise to wrap and transport your antiques in a safe manner.

  1. Wine Collections

Some wines are more valuable than others. You can get away with wrapping your cheaper wines into packing paper and transport them in the trunk of your car. However, the same cannot be said for a curated wine collection that must be kept at the right temperature and moisture control, during storage and transportation. A standard moving company in Nashville Tennessee will most likely not have the resources for doing so. However, with a luxury moving agency your finely aged wine collection will get the attention it needs to maintain product integrity during the move to your new home.

  1. Fine Artwork

Artwork is usually a challenge to move, particularly if the pieces are highly valuable and one cannot afford any mistakes. Any standard moving company will be careful when packing and transporting artwork, but only a luxury moving agency have specialty expertise and knowledge you want when it comes to handing valuable art pieces. They are professionals when it comes to non-conventional packing methods that will ensure your fine are is going where it needs to be in a safe manner. This includes special procedures and crating materials for everything from sculptures to paintings.  Investing in a luxury moving company is a small expense to pay when you have the re-assurance that your art will arrive at the new entirely undamaged.

  1. Bulky Musical Instruments

You can probably move a flute, violin, or other small musical instrument safely by yourself, however, larger instruments like organs or pianos are a completely different scenario and is best left for professionals to move. A grand piano, for instance, is not easy to wrap and even the smaller ones weigh a lot (round about 700 pounds). Such a piano contains thousands of finely tuned parts, each one necessitating special attention and utmost care during a move. That is why a luxury moving company would be the best option for moving such a delicate and heavy piece of musical equipment.


Luxury moving companies are used to the challenges that comes with moving items that necessitate utmost care and special attention. It is worth paying a bit more and having the peace of mind that your precious items will reach their destination safely and securely.

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