Chartered Surveyors in the UK

Want to purchase a home or a building? Then a chartered surveyor can definitely help you when it comes to the home buying process. For the full definition of a chartered surveyor, you can visit this link here.

You may have found the perfect property. The landscape is what you have just been looking for, it is the right size for your family, and it has a nice location and a nice color. Most of all, the price is just right and it is within your budget. You are totally enamored with it and you want to get it right away before other buyers can grab it out of your hands.

But before signing anything, wait! Do you know the boundaries of the property? Do you know if the house was built on another person’s land? Does it have fences? Does the property come with easements that you need to know above?

If you are talking to the seller, make sure that he is actually a legit seller who owns the land. There might also be a chicken coop built at the back of the property and you said that it has been there since 1985. It belongs to your neighbor so there’s not really much that you can do about it.

Home Purchase

A lot of people don’t realize that they are making a major decision when purchasing a house. After all, that home is where they are going to live for the next 20 or 50 years of their lives. If the home is not fully paid in cash, there will be a mortgage that they need to pay for about 30 to 40 years. This is why as a homebuyer you need to carefully assess the property before buying it. You need to know if the property is really worth the price that the seller says it is.

If you want to have answers to these questions, then it is crucial to hire a land surveyor before you sell or buy any property. Websites such as Woodward Chartered Surveyors can definitely help you if you consider buying a property. By getting a survey report, you will be able to know your land boundaries which can prevent disputes and court trials in the future.

A real estate agent will be able to search for great deals in the market and give you what you need. They are very skilled professionals and they know what appeals to you and to other buyers. However, they will not be able to tell you all about the property including the history, the boundaries, and the possible damage to the building. You will also generally get access to the same information that they have. The seller will be able to provide you with a summary of the property but that’s it. You need to dig deeper and do your own research.

This is where a property surveyor comes in. The best time to hire them is when you are in the process of transferring the building’s title to your name. For more information about a property title, you can visit this website: If there’s no survey done in the past decade, a complete survey report can be a very helpful document prior to closing the sale. You will have the assurance that the boundary that was stated in the deed of sale is correct and you won’t have to deal with problems in the future.


Surveyors Reveal Pertinent Property Information

A chartered surveyor who is a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors can provide you with factual and honest information about the condition of the house. These conditions can positively or negatively affect a buyer’s decision in proceeding with the purchase. A leaking roof should be disclosed to the potential buyer but the seller does not often do this for fear of not making a sale.

Get a Surveyor Today

All in all, the surveyor will save you a lot of expenses and from a lot of headaches when it comes to buying properties. A comprehensive report will be able to help you make an intelligent decision about a property or not. You just need to find the right surveyor that will make your life easier. They also need to have a lot of experience and they should be licensed.

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