Why Document and Drawing Management Software is Essential for Your Company

Drawing can be frustrating sometimes, especially when you want things to roll out faster. The design and construction are integrated within the schedule, estimating and the constructability reviews. A hurried approach to finish the construction process can put less focus on the details especially the drawings. This can lead to a delay in the construction process and increase the allocated budget as the instructions would be insufficient. This can also lead to spending more on the site to explain the specifications for proper allocation.

First off, understand what a construction drawing is?

Construction drawings are the architectural drawings prepared and assigned by an architect to share ideas, concept, details and other specs needed by the contractor on the site. This helps in executing the design as per the specs. It serves as a record for the client.

Here are the reasons why document and drawing management software is important for your companies:

Smooth Execution

A document and drawing management software helps in quick and smooth execution of the construction process on the site. Insufficient information in the manual drawings can lead to impaired design execution. Furthermore, when a design is assigned as the blueprint on the site, each construction drawing should be checked and verified by the architect and other technical people (part of the development of the respective drawings) to avert any delays and mishaps on the site. Designs made in real-time assists in quick cross-checking and allocation.

Reduces Storage Stress

Property prices are on the rise including the cost to store paper drawings and documents. A computer-aided construction document management process minimizes the requirement for storage bins, boxes, and file cabinets. This can be of huge value to an enterprise especially the small ones and to a certain extent medium sized ones. This frees up some office space. Henceforth, hard copies can be stored in less expensive locations. These include a vault or off-site warehouse.

Increases security

It is important to keep the document and drawings safe. A document and drawing management software offers full control over the sensitive documents. Access to any of these can be controlled at the folder level for different individuals or groups. The system leaves behind an audit trail citing who has seen the document at the time it was accessed and also how was it modified. Documents that can be managed are traceable and can be tagged for automated alerts.


Drawing file management software is good for sharing information and for collaboration. These resourced from different places can be seen at different places. The management system enhances the visibility to the business processes and these allow better workflow monitoring. External users can be given authority to access, and this can be monitored. Many drawing file management software allow recovery of older versions of the same drawing. This functionality helps in cases when more than one party works on the same document and they make changes for which they had no authorization.

Backup and recovery

A document and drawing management software includes a data backup and disaster recovery plan. No need to protect paper documents from fire and wood. Digital archiving is the answer. It is the perfect backup needed. Also, a digital system in place makes it possible to trace things and can be tracked within a set criterion. There is no fear of losing the documents as these are stored in a central place. The documents can by no means get misfiled. If anything like this happens, they can be located with cross-indexing. These can be digitized and archived right in the initial stages.

Compliance with Government Regulations

You can certainly get into trouble, if your documents are not well-maintained. Government regulations need you to maintain various kinds of documents and data. The requirements can be complicated sometimes. A document and drawing management software ensures compliance with the rules with the use of standard forms, checklists and automatic organizations.

Summing up

A file management software has other advantages including flexibility, better client relations and competitiveness. A system saves time this is another reason a document and drawing management system is important for the companies.

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