What is Cured In Place Piping (CIPP)?

Cured in place piping is the technology that could save you a lot of money! If you’ve ever discovered a leaking pipe within a wall or a trench you’ll know the sinking feeling that you get. The cost of replacing the pipe is amplified by having to remove the wall or dig up the trench.

But, this isn’t the only way to fix a leaking pipe.


In essence it is a joint less and seamless pipe within a pipe that can rehabilitate a damaged or worn pipe. It can be used in pipes ranging from 2 inches to 110 inches; that makes it a common and practical option in repairing sewer pipes and chemical pipes.

CIPP is a resin saturated felt tube made from polyester or fiberglass cloth. There are other material options but these are the most popular.

The tube is inserted into the damaged pipe at any available access point; this needs to be ‘upstream’ of the leaking area. The water flow will then help to carry it along the inside of the tube until it reaches its destination. It is important that the plumbers repairing the pipe know exactly where the leak is and how far it is from the access point; this will ensure it is situated properly.

The wire that allows the insert to move along the pipe will need to be secured by the plumber; effectively holding the insert into position. The pipe can then be sealed into position. The process involved in this will depend upon the type of CIPP being used. Some can be heat sealed into place; these will be aided by the release of hot steam into the pipes.

Others need to cure with the help of sunlight; this can be done by sliding a small UV light through the tubes to cure the resin and seal the insert to the pipe.

It will fractionally reduce the inner diameter of the pipe but not by enough that there should be any issue. The leak is then stopped without having to do any digging up.

You can contact the On Time Local Plumber if you need to find out more about this type of procedure. It is not usually done inside the home but it is a great option if you discover you have a leaking sewer pipe or even your mains pipe in. You won’t need to dig the pipes up; they can repair it in situ; now that’s pretty impressive!

Don’t forget that you are responsible for the mains water pipes and the sewer pipes on your property before they connect to the main lines. While you may think that a CIPP solution is not something that you’ll ever need you may be surprised.

Knowing about this option means you can save yourself money and get the repair completed quicker; that’s two valuable incentives for anyone.

It’s worth checking the exact details of which pipes are your responsibility and having them inspected; this will help you to resolve any issues before they become too big.

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