Can I Inspect a TPO Roof With A Drone?

If you're concerned about your roof's safety, you must be thinking about ways to check if there's something wrong? Most people ask, is it possible to inspect the roof with a drone? The answer is pretty simple, yes, it is possible, but what matters more is, is it permissible by law or not?

We understand that being concerned and worried about a part of the house you can't see from above is normal. However, you need to ensure the ways you adapt to inspect your roof are permissible by law and do not put you in trouble. Here, we'll talk about whether you can inspect the roof with a drone or not. If you’d like to learn more about TPO roofing and inspections with a drone, continue reading this article for more info. 

When Do You Need A Drone Inspection?

Most roof damage occurs during storms and freezing weather, and roof inspections are also more popular throughout the winter months than during other seasons. You may need a full roof inspection due to installation flaws or bad labor work. 

Unfortunately, even in new-built homes, a drone check is required when leaks on the roof due to inadequate standards. Flat roofs have the potential to break and expand in extremely hot weather, so it's a good idea to use a drone to evaluate a roof.

Is It A Good Idea To Inspect the Roof With  A Drone?

Drone inspections on roofs are a cost-saving way to improve accuracy, safety, and speed while lowering the evaluation or measuring rooftops. It allows for collecting valuable information that may be utilized for several reasons depending on the industry.

Drones are suitable to overcome difficulties as rooflines become more complex and impossible to negotiate physically using standard methods. Many professionals in the construction industry use crewless aerial lifts to check buildings for roof maintenance, repairs, measurements, and other objectives.

Is It Legal to Inspect A Roof With A Drone?

It is challenging to learn the right way to inspect a roof with a drone. Each of us can easily and quickly take out the drone from its box, but to use it in the right way is a bit challenging. A Remote Pilot Certificate is required if you want to use the drone for business purposes, whether you're a homeowner inspecting your property's roof or a contractor.

So, it is recommended that you do your authorized roof inspection and have a license to do drone inspections. Drone inspection is an excellent option to avoid or deal with any risk for the following reasons.

Why Should You Go For A Roof Inspection Using Drone?

Various reasons make an inspection better than a human inspection. Here, we are discussing why drone inspection is the best option below.

  • Saves Heavy Costs

Drones can help you save money that you may spend on inspections in multiple ways. It is the perfect option to decrease labor and time. It minimizes the need for ladders and other heavy climbing and access equipment and the dangers by abolishing the need to buy or rent them. So, there will be no need to get insurance for equipment or labor.

  • Saves Time

It may take hours or days to organize, arrange, and gather data from a roof using a manual method. On the other hand, a drone can do the same thing in less than an hour, at a cheaper cost, and with fewer safety and health risks.

  • Accurate Information On Roof Condition 

Drones can acquire pretty accurate and helpful information about every tiny roof corner and lower inspection time, dangers, and expenses. Drones make it possible to inspect and send results considerably more quickly, facilitating quick or immediate decision-making.

  • Ensures Safety

The purpose behind the roof inspection is to improve your building's safety. You can click photographs from vantage points that humans can't safely reach with UAV aerial photography. Using a drone for your roof inspections can help to lower the risk and cost.

  • Save On Maintenance

While you might think that the contractors you engage for other works won't cause problems. Damage that goes unreported, whether on purpose or because the contractor was ignorant of a problem, can lead to various issues in the future.


You can use the drone to inspect your roof. It is a safe, cheap, and quick way to know about the condition of your roof. The best part about drone inspection is getting an accurate and detailed overview of your roof. However, you cannot do it yourself or ask any random person to do it. You need to ask an authorized person or company with a license to do an inspection using a drone.

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