6 Creative Ideas For Maximizing Space In A Studio Apartment

As of 2018, the average size of a newly constructed studio apartment in the US was approximately 514 square feet, marking a 10.3% decrease from 573 square feet in 2008, according to a report on Flex. Renting a studio apartment is an excellent choice if you want to have an affordable and easy to maintain space you can call home. The only downside of living in a small apartment is limited space. You might have a hard time trying to accommodate all your belongings. However, by incorporating a few interior decorating tips, you can make your tiny apartment feel spacious and more inviting. Check out these six creative ideas for maximizing space in a studio apartment to help you make extra room for your items and make your apartment more comfortable.

Get Rid Of Clutter

It’s impossible to create more space in your house with clutter lying around everywhere. Therefore, start by getting rid of clutter following the usual steps. Throw away items you don’t use anymore and are non-recyclable, donate reusable things like clothes, toys, and shoes, or store them in a storage facility. The fewer items you have in your apartment, the more room you’ll have to organize your space without creating a mess.  

Define Zones

Defining zones in a small apartment can be tricky, but you can achieve the best outcomes if you get a little creative. For example, instead of arranging furniture along the walls, move them to the middle. Remember, you can effectively define a clean division in your room by placing your sofa to enclose a small space on one side and create a distraction from the bed. 

Placing a rug that runs underneath furniture in your sitting area is another excellent way to define space in your apartment. Make sure your carpet is large to create an illusion of extra space in your room. You could also add statement pieces and use neutral color palettes to define zones within your living space. 

Invest In Semi-Open Furniture

While dense and bulky furniture might seem appropriate when selecting room dividers, it pays to opt for see-me through objects. Semi-open furniture like dressers, bookshelves, and nightstands help you to divide space in stylish ways. Moreover, semi-open dividers make your room appear spacious because they leave room for white space. If your studio apartment has a few or small windows, investing in semi-open furniture can be a great way of letting natural light into your room. 

Utilize Wall and Vertical Space

The floor space in studio apartments is limited, so you need to be more cautious with how you use it to ensure your house doesn’t look cramped. With this in mind, you may want to utilize vertical space to add storage space and make your home appear spacious. There are many home renovation ideas and inspirations online to help you make the most of wall and vertical space. For example, you can install kitchen cabinets or floating shelves to store food supplies and utensils. You can also add wall shelves from floor to ceiling in the sitting area to create storage space for books and decorative items. Another great idea for utilizing the wall for storage is installing racks for pots, shoes, keys, or displaying hats, bags, and jewelry as part of your interior decor. You can even hang your bicycle, skateboards, or snowboard on the wall to save more floor space. 

Choose Multipurpose Furniture

In small living spaces, each piece of furnishing should serve at least two purposes. When choosing furniture for your studio apartment, pick ottomans that work as coffee tables and provide storage space. Choose a bed with built-in storage or a daybed. Since a daybed comes with a quality mattress instead of cushions, it guarantees comfortable sleep and functions as a sofa during the day. Alternatively, buy a Murphy bed or bed that folds inside the wall, meaning you can hide it away during the day to free up space in your apartment. 

Let Sunlight In

Allowing natural light in your apartment is one of the easiest ways to create the illusion of a larger space. All you need to do is move furniture away from the window space, so it’s open and unobstructed. But if privacy is a concern, install lightweight sheers that let in sunlight. Fitting beds, nightstands, couches, and other furniture with exposed legs is also a great way to brighten your room. These pieces of furniture let light pass underneath, preventing your space from feeling cluttered or dull. 

Studio apartments are synonymous with small-space living, but your apartment shouldn’t feel cramped or appear dull. By incorporating some clever ideas for maximizing space in a studio apartment, you can get extra space and live comfortably in your tiny apartment. Make sure to get rid of clutter, define zones, opt for multifunctional furniture, create an illusion of a large room by allowing natural light in, and make the most of vertical and wall spaces. 

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