Six Easy Hacks to Make Your Apartment More Comfortable

Apartment living is necessary for young people entering the workforce and relocating to metropolises to pursue work opportunities. Rising costs of living in big cities often mean renting a small apartment or finding neighborhoods where rent is affordable. If you recently moved or wish to revamp your space, there are several ways to make your apartment comfy and habitable.

1. Great lighting

Lighting is an essential element to consider in your apartment. You need to determine how many lights you need, their designs, the temperature of bulbs, and so forth. If the space already has lighting fixtures, feel free to upgrade to something that suits your needs and preferences. For instance, you can have a cluster of illuminations where people gather for conversation, such as the dining table.

String lights work well, particularly during the festive season. You can take these down after the holidays are over. Switching to smart lighting is another wonderful idea that will make your living space more alluring. You can adjust the temperature, color, and intensity of lights from an app on your smartphone or other devices connected to the internet.

2. Darken your bedroom

Light sleepers may struggle sleeping through the night due to distractions like a busy road, bright lights streaming through the window, etc. Create an inviting sleeping area by installing blackout curtains and window panels to block noise so you can sleep soundly. Research surmises that investing in a comfortable mattress is key to promoting good quality sleep throughout the night.

3. Incorporate Wood

Changing up the walls of one room or the entire house is easy, and using true wood can elevate the outlook of your home. If you find installing wood too cumbersome and expensive, consider investing in wallpapers that simulate wood cladding. The other option is to buy wood furnishings to achieve that cozy and earthy feeling in your apartment.

4. Hang Artwork

Are you a fan of beautiful art pieces? Investing in art can elevate the look and feel of your living room or hallway, giving it a sophisticated feel. Art doesn't have to be expensive; you can commission custom pieces from upcoming artists or buy affordable artwork from an auction, garage sale, or even the flea market.

Pay attention to the size of the walls you wish to adorn, so the artwork is up to scale. Oversize pieces can overwhelm the space such that it looks forced and off-putting. A cluster of small pieces can work well in the hallway, while a well-sized singular piece can beautify the mantle or other focal point of your home.

5. Rugs for Comfort

Many residents of big cities have a no-shoe policy to keep dirt and germs from their living spaces. If you generally walk around barefoot, invest in warm rugs for comfort. Bold patterns can transform bland floors, and you can match them up with upholstery. Many department stores have a collection of interesting rugs, and you can score a great deal. Black Friday sales and other holiday-centric offers are a great time to shop.

6. Upgrade Furniture and Appliances

The above changes will make your apartment more comfortable, but you should also consider buying new furniture and appliances. An old couch that is no longer visually appealing or comfortable doesn't serve the overall goals of this exercise.

You could also buy a better coffee table, dining room set, and other pieces of furniture to spruce up the space. Replace old appliances with newer models that are also cost-efficient. Also, buying a state-of-the-art music system doesn't hurt, especially if you like entertaining.

The above tips will help you transform your space into something more exciting, notwithstanding external factors like buildings blocking natural light, noisy streets below, and other hurdles of big city life.

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