3 easy ways to increase your homes value.

You may not be ready to move home just yet, but it's always worth planning for the future.  Changes you make to your home today could have a massive effect on how you sell your home in the future and the money you get for it.

If you are looking for the best way to add value to your home keep on reading.  

If you are thinking about selling your home and making improvements to it I would firstly recommend getting your home valued by an estate agent and then check out the value of your home compared to other properties that have sold in your area. 

It's also worth talking to an estate agent to know what is the potential ceiling your home in terms of the maximum value you would expect to get from it.  From there you will know how much money you can possibly invest in your home to still turn a profit.

Here are the 3 steps that have allowed me to sell multiple homes over the years and get the cash value that I wanted.

1) Fix everything that is wrong with the house.

This is common sense, but I see many homeowners get lazy and think that they shouldn't bother fixing any issues in the home because their moving and the next person can have it fixed.  

That is the wrong way to look at it.  A leaking tap, rising damp, cracks and heating problems will put off many buyers from purchasing your home and the ones that do make an offer will low ball you.

So fix them now, as these problems will drop the value of your home.

2) Renovate your "money" rooms.

Your money rooms as the name may suggest is where you will make the most money from your home.  The rooms I consider the money rooms are the kitchen and the bathroom.

If either the kitchen or bathroom is looking tired it will put potential buyers off.  Firstly, clean your entire room from top to bottom and take extra care in these two rooms.

A kitchen is seen as the heart of the home so if yours isn't up to standard, invest your money in a new kitchen as you will get your money back on the investment.  If you can't afford a new kitchen you could replace the existing cupboard panels or give the old ones a paint. You could also look at changing the fixtures on the cheap.

The kitchen is the heart of the home but the bathroom is one of the most used.  Bathroom suites don't have to cost the world either, if you look online you can find many affordable bathroom suppliers.

When revamping your bathroom you should look at what people actually want in a bathroom, you can do this by looking at websites like Pinterest, Instagram and Ideal Home.  By looking at those websites for inspiration you can notice trends. In the last 3 years, art deco bathrooms have been really popular.

Look after that garden.

Depending on where you live you may not even have a garden, but if you do just make sure that it's well maintained.  Potential buyers will more than likely refurbish your garden, but you will want to break down any resistance on their part and show them the potential your garden has.

To keep your garden maintained doesn't take forever either.  Trim the grass, get rid of any weeds, invest in some flower pots with flowers inside them.  Add some chairs or benches if there is enough space.

Doing all of the above won't take too long and will dress your garden up so potential buyers can see themselves sitting in the garden having fun with their family.


Fixing your home's defects, renovating your money rooms and improving your outdoor space will allow you to get the most value for your home and sell it quicker.

If you have any tips for adding money onto your home please comment them below.

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