Carpet Cleaning Myths and How to Avoid Ruining Your Carpet

Carpet cleaning is one of the major investments you should subscribe to if you wish to live a healthy and peaceful life. However, while getting professional carpet cleaning services from experts like Captain Carpet Cleaners remains a recommended choice, there are some myths surrounding carpet cleaning itself.

In this article, the professional carpet cleaners will be addressing these common myths which have been associated with carpet cleaning while also providing valuable insight on how home and business owners can avoid ruining their carpets.

Some of the myths associated with carpet cleaning are;

-    Cleaning my carpet is no longer necessary, especially if it is a year and older.

Several people have been pushed into thinking there is a certain expiry date for carpet cleaning services to be done on their carpets. This is false. The carpet should be cleaned for as long as possible until there is a need for replacement. One of the major advantages of professional carpet cleaning services is to prolong the lifespan of the carpet and help you save on constant replacement of the carpet.

To ensure that your carpet’s lifespan is adequately prolonged, it is recommended that you take proper steps such as hiring the services of professional carpet cleaners from time to time while avoiding the accumulation of heavy dirt and debris before cleaning.

When your carpet becomes visibly dirty before you call on a professional to clean it, chances are that you are doing more harm than good to the carpet and may also be reducing the average lifespan of the carpet.

-    My carpet is most likely to shrink after cleaning

Your carpet will most likely shrink after cleaning if you have attempted some DIY methods which may not have been tested okay for cleaning your specific carpet type. Choosing the wrong cleaning chemical will not only leave your carpet looking shrunk but may also discolor your carpet. However, working with professional carpet cleaners can save you from this stress as they boast of a wide range of experience dealing with all kinds of carpets and this makes them able to choose the most suitable cleaning chemicals for your carpet cleaning needs.

If you have made the mistake of using chemicals which may have led to the shrinking of your carpet, you should speak to a professional carpet cleaning company like Captain carpet cleaners as they offer carpet stretching services which may prove effective in returning your carpet to its original condition.

-    I don’t have to vacuum my carpet every day

Cleaning of the home should be a daily practice as this prevents the buildup of dirt, allergens, lint, and other organic matter. Same goes for the carpets, especially in high traffic areas in the home. It is recommended that you vacuum clean the carpets daily as this is one of the most essential maintenance plans which will prevent dust and dirt from traveling deep into the carpet and constituting a nuisance.

Please note that the recommendation to vacuum clean your carpets once a week is a piece of outdated information and to keep your carpets clean, fresh, and in its original condition, it is recommended that you imbibe the daily cleaning habit.

-    I don’t need the services of a professional, especially when I have store-bought products and equipment

While store-bought products and equipment may be a great way to experiment, this may not essentially be a great option, especially for the health of your carpet. It is important to note that your store-bought cleaning chemicals and equipment are no match for those which are used by professionals who aim to make the best impression on their clients. Most products in the store are not specifically tailored to match the needs of your carpet and you may find out that they may be too harsh on your carpets leading to common manifestations like changes in color, shrinking, and more.

-    I do not need a carpet cleaning service after a flood

After flooding, there is the need for you to reach out to a professional to take care of your carpet as this can predispose you and your loved ones to several disadvantages, health-wise. It has been established that mold and mildew may begin development in as less as 48 to 72 hours after flooding. Therefore, if you have left your carpet unattended to for a longer period, you stand the risk of respiratory conditions, allergens, and also damaged carpet which will eventually cost you money to replace.


Carpet cleaning myths are real, there are a few practices that you should imbibe to ensure that you get the best from your carpets. Some of the recommended practices include;

-    Regular vacuuming

-    Avoid walking barefooted on your carpet

-    Schedule regular professional carpet cleaning

-    Keep pets away from carpets

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