Your 4 Steps to Successful Selling Home During Divorce

Unfortunately, parting with a spouse entails not only a change in lifestyle but also a change in the place for living. Although, this is probably for the better because staying in the same place, where you were happy married life can be unbearable. After all, this is a place where everything will serve as a reminder of the past, regardless of how bad or good the past was. In this regard, selling a home is standard practice during the preparation of divorce documents. Let's find out what steps each couple who wants to sell their home needs to go through.

The First Step - Find a Trusted Sales Agent

Why does a couple who is breaking up need a special approach? Because this period is very emotionally difficult. The adoption of a common decision on the sale of a house (the price, conditions, and terms) will be influenced by the opinion of both parties. This can become a stumbling block because the interests of the spouses can be quite different. And if you are quite able to use OnlineDivorcer for quick and easy divorce online filing, then it will be a little more difficult to find a reliable sales agent. He or she must be a person who knows own duties, and also understands why the couple who are getting a divorcement need special conditions and services. A person who will help with the sale will have to take into account all possible disagreements between former partners.

The Second Step - Preparation and Decoration of the House

It would seem what kind of decoration might be needed for a house for sale? But this part is as important for a successful sale as the thorough preparation of all court divorce forms. The external and internal appearance of the house allows potential buyers to feel how comfortable it will be to live in it.

The following steps should be included in home preparation:

  • Cosmetic repair. Of course, you do not need to do a complete repair, with the replacement of all the finishes and coatings. All that is needed is to correct deficiencies that might appear during living here.
  • Creating a home environment. For a presentation at home, the best way is to leave some personal items in their places. This step will give customers an idea of how to arrange their own furniture. Because it can be difficult for people to make a choice without a visual idea on how to make your house comfortable for them.

In this regard, as well as in order to avoid additional expenses for the restoration of the interior, many realtors recommend that couples do not leave the house until the time of sale. If it is impossible for both ex-spouses to stay under the same roof, it is advisable to arrange for one of them to move out and the other partner to stay in the house.

The Third Step - the Price Negotiation

This step can truly be considered the most difficult, especially during the breakup. It can be very difficult to reach a compromise, even in couples that continue their relationship. That is why, to resolve the issue of the value, you must make every effort to find agreement.

An agent is a person who will be able to help in this and impartially analyze the real value of the spouses' housing. If for some reason, one of the spouses does not trust the decision of the agent, it is possible to contact a special service that conducts such assessments. However, this entails additional costs.

This step must be carried out without fail, because, only knowing the real price, the spouses will be able to sell their housing as quickly and as profitably as possible. Indeed, many of us want to get as much benefit as possible, but too high prices only alienate potential buyers.

The Fourth Step - Choosing a Profitable Offer and Finishing the Sale

Even if all the questions from the previous steps were agreed upon, additional disputes may arise at the stage of selecting the proposal. Some spouses want to give their home only to certain couples or single people. Such an attitude may prevent you from getting the most attractive financial offer.

And you need to be prepared for such an outcome. Otherwise, succumbing to emotions, you can disrupt a sale deal. Especially if consider the general stressful emotional state from the divorcement process. Therefore, to close the deal, it is important to try to negotiate with a former partner. The help of an agent is very useful in this part.

Summing Up

If you correctly approach the issue of the sale, then this process will become as fast as your online divorcement. Try to restrain your emotions and be guided by the idea that the faster you go through this stage the sooner you can get the long-awaited freedom.

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