Revealed: What season is best to sell your home

Recent research concludes that the optimum time to put your house up for sale is at the beginning of Autumn (early September).

We have provided a number of the factors that cause this increase:-

  • Catchment areas for local schools.
  • The climate
  • Increased buyer activity
  • Moving in time for Christmas.

Recent trends released by google suggest that at the beginning of November up to the New Year, online traffic to online estate agents such as Rightmove and Zoopla can reduce up to a shocking 30%. The mean time taken to sell a house in England is roughly 65 days Rightmove suggest, eMoov however average 55 days, by putting your property on the market at the beginning of autumn it allows you to advertise your house prior to the activity declining.

The rate at which your house is sold can be assisted by the upcoming Christmas season, in 2014 1.2m housing transactions occurred with 12% of these happening in December. Both those looking to purchase and sell property in the UK consider Christmas as a main aspect in the housing process, it is frequently the bench marker for selling the house or staying put with what you have got. Academic literature suggests that 12% of the UK holds the belief that Christmas can encourage the sale, individuals are convinced that they will be able to have their first Christmas in the new home and therefore the selling process is faster thanks to positive investors.

Another principal influence is children and where is best to send them to school. The majority of schools do not allow admissions after the beginning of February, if you manage to secure a property near the local school you want your children to attend there is a much larger likelihood they will get in.

The last factor we provided is the weather at this time of the year. Recent research concludes that 43% of those surveyed consider the summer to speed up the process; furthermore, 17% agreed that selling during the winter season can be a struggle. Many families enjoy the warmer temperatures or spend their time looking after the children during peak summer; this is why we suggest that September provides the perfect chance to photograph your property due to effective lighting and sunshine.

Those looking to sell, are for the large part, in no real rush as they have the whole year in which to do so and aren’t bound by time lines such as school deadlines. Add to this the British weather in January and it can makes for a dreary time to show buyers your home.  

The creator and CEO of, Russell Quirk noted:

“Putting your property up for sale at the beginning of September will no doubt increase the likelihood of a sale. September has the second highest traffic record of the year on both Zoopla and Rightmove. Be that as it may, January has the most traffic throughout the year although it is the busiest for people selling their house too so competition can be tough. Those looking to list their house, for the most part, are in no real hurry to do so as they are no longer bound by school term cut-off date. Additionally, British weather around January time tends to be dismal which could have a knock on effect for the sale.

It is suggested that September selling can marginally increase the revenue. The most recent Property Hotspot Index suggests the need for more houses across the UK has increased by 9% since this January. When the need for houses starts to outweigh the supply, this is when house prices dramatically increase.”

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