The Secret to Moving with Pets

Anyone who owns a beloved pet would never dream of relocating without their furbabies. Whether seeking an apartment that is pet friendly or a home in a pet friendly neighbourhood, there are some secrets to finding suitable housing if you own one or more pets.

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Pet Friendly Isn’t Always as Friendly as You Think!

So, you’ve run across and advertisement that lists apartments in a ‘pet-friendly’ building. You speak with the property manager, discuss your house-broken dog or cat and everything seems to be great. However, just remember that rules aren’t always abided by and even though you will walk your dog on a leash and clean up after him, doesn’t mean your neighbours will be giving you the same consideration. If you have small dogs in a building that doesn’t have restrictions on breeds, take the time to investigate whether or not there are problems with neighbours letting their dogs run wild. The life of your furbaby could depend on it.

Is Buying a Home the Solution?

Even if you see a listing for a house for sale in Edmonton located in a nice, quiet family neighbourhood, you might be surprised to learn that there is a problem with loose dogs and cats on the prowl. If there is a homeowner’s association, take time to check with them as to what their restrictions are for families with pets. Are there association regulations in place to protect you and your pet from other animals left to wander about unleashed and without a human present? Many homeowner’s associations go that extra mile to protect other homeowners and pets from irresponsible owners and that is nice to know. In addition to government ordinances, it’s reassuring that you will have the association to back you up should you encounter a problem with loose dogs and cats.

Parvovirus and Other Deadly Diseases

Another thing you may want to check on is whether or not there were any animals living in that apartment or home within the last 7 years that had parvovirus. This is an often fatal illness that is most dangerous to pups under a year old but even older dogs can succumb from it. The parvovirus lives for seven years and even when everything has been disinfected with strong bleach, the virus is probably living on in some hidden crack or in the soil. While realtors are required to comply with full disclosure about such things as murders in the home and things which may influence your buying decision, there is nothing on the books for parvovirus related dog deaths so this is something you would want to check for yourself.

It may sound odd to anyone who is not owned by their furbaby, but those four-legged children really do become members of the family. From service dogs to companion dogs, they are a living, breathing part of the family. It isn’t enough to research whether or not the dog will be allowed on the premises but you also need to ensure that the premises are safe for your dog! As a responsible pet owner, it is your job but more importantly, it is your duty of love.

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