Preparing Your Home for Sale: 7 Things To Do

It takes about a month to sell a property in Australia. However, this depends on a number of factors including market forces and the state of the economy. However, the condition of your home can play a crucial factor.

Generally, homes in good condition sell faster than properties in a bad shape. Therefore, preparation before listing your house for sale is critical. And small things can make all the difference because perception is everything when it comes to buying a home.

The following are some things you might want to do before listing your home.

1. Deep Cleaning

Begin by cleaning your house thoroughly until all rooms, surfaces, and appliances are spotless. You’ll want to pay extra attention to the bathroom and kitchen, ensuring there’s no grime on the walls, stains on the counters, or mold growth. A clean house feels and looks fresh, and it assures the buyer that you took good care of it.

2. Painting Afresh

A new coat of paint is the easiest way to give your house a facelift and make it appear new. The newer it looks, the more potential buyers will love it.

Steer clear of unconventional colors and stick with neutral ones such as white or tan. This way, interested buyers will easily visualize their preferred interior décor in your house.

3. Upgrading the Kitchen

A good kitchen is a great selling point, and there are several ways to upgrade yours into a buyer magnet. Things you can do to upgrade your kitchen include changing old countertops, installing a new kitchen sink, and adding lighting fixtures. The more functional, spacious, and welcoming your kitchen looks, the better for your listing.

4. Decluttering

When an interested buyer visits your house, their mission is to see whether it’s a good fit for them and their family. Visualizing living there will be hard when the place is filled with clutter from your personal items, toys, pet supplies, and random stuff.

Remove all extra stuff from the rooms to depersonalize and allow buyers to picture themselves living in the house. Getting rid of excess stuff around the house also gives it a neat, spacious appearance that many buyers want.

5. Washing the Roof

You can pay attention to tips about the best time to sell your house and take time to clean up the interior, but if the outside looks beat up, you’ll be unknowingly keeping the buyers away.

Your curb appeal is vital since it gives buyers the first impression about your property, and your roof contributes to that. If there’s dirt and mold built up on your roof, it’s time to pressure wash it.

A dirty roof can give the impression of being old or in disrepair, and most home buyers are unwilling to buy a house with a problematic roof. Cleaning it up reveals your roof’s true condition and instantly elevates your home’s appearance.

6. Fixing Broken Fixtures

You might have learned to live with all your leaking faucets and broken handles, but these little things could be the reason a buyer chooses another house over yours. Take time to fix every fixture that’s broken or not working right, from door handles to curtain rods and faucets.

It’s a minor project, but it gives the impression that the house is in great shape, making the difference between houses that sell fast and those that stay on the market longer.

7. Maintaining Your Lawn and Backyard

Keep your grass green and mowed, trim bushes, maintain your flowers, and get rid of any unsightly stuff on your front lawn or backyard. A well-kept lawn elevates curb appeal and will draw attention. In the same breath, a neat backyard makes your home seem more welcoming and livable.


The housing market can be super competitive, and making your house stand out from other listings can significantly improve your chances of selling fast. We hope that with these home preparation tips, you can take a step closer to making a sale.

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