Non-Permanent Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces

Renting an apartment can leave you feeling like you don’t have a way to put your stamp on the spaces you live in every day.

Thankfully you don’t need to make any major, irreversible alterations to rooms in order to add some of your own personality to them.

Here are some examples of decor tweaks and changes that will make your rented real estate feel like home, regardless of its size.

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Experiment with Contact Paper: Easy, Inexpensive Solutions to Add Style and Color

Decorating a small space can be tricky if you’re into bold design choices. But one great way to add color and style without permanent commitment is contact paper.

From solid colors to bold designs, you'll find that contact paper comes in many different varieties. Plus, it's easy to install and remove when needed, which is perfect if you need something temporary or want the option of changing your look often.

Contact paper can also be used on surfaces like shelves, cupboards and drawers as well as walls, so it's a great all-rounder for sprucing up any area of your home quickly and easily.

Many brands are durable yet lightweight which means they won't damage walls or other surfaces once removed either. This gives it the edge in places like kitchens, where you might even want a protective layer in place to ensure that your security deposit isn’t compromised by splashes and stains.

Maximize Wall Space with Magnetic Art Displays: Creative & Transformative Ideas for Tiny Apartments

Making the most of wall space is key for small spaces, and magnetic art displays are a great way to do so. These versatile systems make it easy to mix up your decor without damaging walls, and they can be easily rearranged whenever you feel like changing things up.

Magnetic frames come in all shapes and sizes too, making them well suited to showcasing abstract artwork or family photos in a unique yet practical way. Also, these types of systems provide an opportunity to display items that may not fit neatly on shelves. Think postcards, mementos from trips abroad or even smaller pieces of furniture such as clocks and mirrors.

Depending on the type of system you choose (there are plenty out there!), they're usually adjustable, which means if your living situation changes over time then these handy solutions will still work well.

Shelves on the Go: Invest in Versatile Storage Options that Won't Leave Behind a Trace

If you're looking for a way to add more storage space without committing to permanent fixtures, then why not consider investing in some freestanding shelves?

Not only are these items generally easier to move than built-in units, but they also come with adjustable feet so you can easily level them out even if your floors aren't perfectly flat.

These days there are plenty of options available, from sleek and modern designs through to rustic pieces made out of wood or metal, so whatever look you're trying to achieve there's bound to be something that fits the bill.

And don't forget about wall brackets too; they provide additional support while still allowing easy removal when needed.

Wrapping Up

The best decor options for renters are those that provide flexibility, along with a combination of easy application and removal. Mix and match the ideas above, and you’ll surely get great results in your apartment.

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