How Often Should Media Filters Be Changed?

There are many reasons why anyone may want to have the highest quality filters for their home. If so, filter media rolls are an excellent alternative since with these rolls you can put aside all your concerns regarding the quality of the indoor air that you and those around you are breathing. The experts at FilterKing know that by using filter media rolls you will be able to rid your air of bacteria, smoke, pet dander, dust, pollen, dirt, mold, and many other contaminants. Read on to find out about this filtering option and how often you would have to change this type of air filter.

What Are Filter Media Rolls?

In the HVAC industry, filter media rolls are cut to size and inserted into the frame of an HVAC system in order to trap all sorts of contaminants and provide clean air. As the name implies, these filters come in a roll and usually replace dirty air filter media in both heating and cooling systems.

Generally, they are made of fiberglass, porous or fibrous polyester, or foam. There are also laminated options available. If you are looking to buy a media filter roll, you need to start by knowing the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, or MERV rating, of the product you are looking at. This rating places a grade on the effectiveness of air filters which means that the higher the MERV rating, the finer filtration that the filter will provide.

When considering laminated media rolls, you will also receive a filter that will be extra strong due to its expanded metal backing. These characteristics make these media rolls ideal for furnaces or for making custom pleated filters.

Air media rolls are an integral part of the process of manufacturing a filter. Lately, you will find that most filter companies are able to make special-size filters to meet your precise specifications. An additional benefit offered by these filter rolls is the fact that they are economical pre filters that extend the life of your filters. They are also adequate when it comes to lower airflow applications.

Why Should You Choose a Filter Media Roll?

Filter media rolls are designed to be used in applications that call for basic or pre-filtration. By purchasing these filters in rolls, you have the flexibility of cutting them to whatever size you need. Additionally, media rolls are available in a wide variety of widths and rolls can be as long as 900 feet.

Many air filtration systems have unique characteristics and filter media rolls offer the advantage of coming in a wide range of thicknesses and filter types. You can pre-cut them to the size you need to satisfy your particular requirements, having the peace of mind of knowing that these filters will never disappoint.

You can customize your air filters by cutting a piece of the roll to fit the dimensions of your HVAC equipment. The result will feel as though you have upgraded your heating and cooling system.

Media filter rolls are a way to provide cleaner air for everyone regardless of whether you use them for an HVAC system at home or in a piece of industrial equipment. There is no limit as to how you can cut the roll to satisfy your needs.

How Often Should Filter Media Rolls Be Changed?

Under normal circumstances and with regular use, you can expect a piece of media filter roll to provide good filtration for between six and 12 months. To err on the side of safety, perform a visual inspection of the filter regularly. Shut the equipment before the filter is replaced.

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