Lawn Mowing Tips for a Professional finish

It is a general belief amongst lawn owners that if you give enough fertilizers and water to the lawn, it will grow. And this is true to a great extent, but it will grow wildly. That is why giving a professional finish to your lawn is required to keep it in perfect condition. And believe me, you don't need to be an expert to get a lawn that will envy your neighbors. Just a few simple tricks and tips will do. Let's discuss them one by one.

Tips for mowing like an expert

Mow tall and keep some length

You should always follow the 1/3 rule, which states that never cut more than 1/3 of your grass while mowing. This will ensure that your lawn is less prone to weeds and more capable of handling events like a draught. Moreover, when the roots and grasses are in balance, then the plants can take all types of stress.

A sharpening blade is important

 Dull blade will tear the root of leaf blades, leaving them brown, unhealthy, and prone to bacteria attack. But a sharp blade cuts the grass neatly. Hence, always sharpen your blade once a month.

Never mow wet grass

Mowing a wet lawn is impossible, and you end up with a lot of grass stuck under the mower. It will take more time than usual because of its sticky nature. Also, damp lawn retards the sharpness of the blades and lowers the speed of the motor. If you are using an electric mower, you can even get an electric shock. Hence, allow the lawn to dry completely before mowing else you can face nasty situations.

Opt for a corded lawn mower

Using a corded lawn mower has its own set of advantages. They are light, durable, compact. This applies to both gas powered and cordless lawn mowers. And if you want to buy one, then check out corded mower reviews and make your choice accordingly.

Switch the mowing direction

For a better and more professional finish, switch directions every time to allow grass to stand up nice and tall. The mower's weight will also create permanent marks on the lawn, and it will rut your lawn in the long run. If you have mowed back to front, then next time, try for side to side or diagonal.

Leave grass clippings

 Grass clippings are quite beneficial for your lawn as it is one of the natural ways to provide organic fertilizer. The end result will be the presence of greener, thicker and healthier grass. Also, the grass clippings are mainly water and nitrogen. Hence, as long as you mow your lawn regularly and at the right height, the clipping will break out and disappear rapidly.

Don’t stick to a mowing schedule

Mowing should be done as per grass type, its growing pattern, season, and growing conditions. If you stick to a fixed schedule, then grass mowing may not occur when it is actually needed. For example, grass needs more mowing in spring and less during the intense summer heat. And in case if you don't have much free time, then take care that the grass is not too short and mower blade is not too low.

Choose mowing in shade

Grass mowing during the heat of the day causes it to lose more water and increases the recovery time. Hence always mow during the cooler part of the day or when the lawn is in the shade. This will ensure that less water is lost and grass rebounds quickly.


Always choose the right type of grass which will look healthy and clean. It's important to know which type of grass you are mowing. After a month, your lawn will be back to normal and fresh.  While mowing, always keep the machine parallel to the ground, tilted to one side can damage your lawn. With time you will develop all mentioned skills and techniques, and you will mow your land like a pro.

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