5 Common Causes of Clogged Sewer Lines

A plumbing problem is one of the worst experiences that you can get. When you are a property owner and your sewer line is damaged or clogged, you need to fix it. However, few property owners know how to fix the sewer lines.

Before we dive into how to fix the sewer line, you must know what a sewer line is. A sewer line is a pipe that collects all your drainage/plumbing from your house and removes all the waste materials. Various reasons can clog your sewer line, and here are five of them:

  1. Grease in the kitchen sink

Having grease in the kitchen sink is one of the common reasons for a clogged sewer. Grease, fats, and oils cannot dissolve in water. When you pour grease, fats, and oils into the drain, they solidify after several days or hours. It is sometimes overlooked because you don’t notice the effect till it starts to become an issue. More often than not you may have to look for plumbing services to handle it with the proper equipment, one of the most common tools is what is called a Jetter.

When grease, fats, and oils solidify, they cause a blockage in the sewer system. The best way to dispose of grease, fats, and oils is by keeping them in a container until they solidify. You then throw them away with the garbage. When you get the kitchen sink blocked, you will need plumbing services.

  1. Large debris down the toilet

Some people use the toilet as a means to dump the trash. When you dump trash in the toilet and flush them down the drain, they tend to block the sewer lines. You need to ensure that you only flush human waste and proper toilet paper and not any type of wipes . When you dump debris down the toilet, you will need a professional for sewer cleaning.

The assumption that toilet pipes are wide and cannot get clogged is wrong. After you have dumped debris in the pipes, they get clogged, and you end up sourcing a Sewer cleaning service.

  1. Tree roots in sewer lines

When designing sewer lines, you need to know whether any roots could penetrate the lines. Roots cause blockages that hold any flushed materials. Roots grow fast when in sewer lines due to the minerals in the sewers.

You need to ensure that you have no roots that extend towards the sewers. When you have a fixed maintenance schedule that will help you cut the roots when they grow towards the sewer, you will not have any problems. It is always advised to keep in mind that tree roots can be the cause of the clog.

  1. Sagging sewer lines

Sagging sewer lines are often caused by loose soil. When installing the sewer lines, you ensure that the ground is firm enough to hold the pipes. However, due to natural or artificial causes, the sewer lines may sag. Making it difficult for waste to flow through.

When you have sagged sewer lines, you must ensure that you enforce them to avoid sagging. If you can not DIY, you can ask plumbers to help you. When the sewer lines have sagged, the waste flow is not possible, leading to a clogged sewer line. Having an experienced plumber to handle these situations is always best.

  1. Sewer line damages

The sewer line gets damaged due to various reasons, so you need drain cleaning services more often when a lot of time is spent at home. You need to ensure that you protect the sewer lines when you have any project on your property that involves any sort of excavation. When you are not sure where the sewer lines are laid, you need to ask your local city authority or plumbers to help you or any professional plumbing services that you may know.


Damaged sewer lines are common, and that is why you need advice from professionals before you start any project that you may have any doubt on accomplishing  yourself or need some type of assistance. Knowing these common

Causes of a clogged sewer line can hopefully give you an insight of what happens inside and outside your sewer line. Thank You! For Reading.

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