Land for sale in spain

Buying land in Spain can be complicated and so it is advisable to obtain a good English and Spanish speaking lawyer for this processes. When you are looking at buying land in Spain you need to think about what you are aiming to get out of buying the land. Do you want the land for building on, for farming or something else? This will make a difference as to the type of land you need to be looking for and also it will affect the price range that your land will come under. Other factors that can affect the price of you land are the location. If you want to buy land in a touristy area then it is likely to be more expensive than buying in a quieter area of Spain. The view that you get from your land can also increases the value of the land. When looking to buy land in Spain you need to know what you wish to do on the land because it makes a difference as to what land you can purchase.

In Spain there are 3 main types of legislation that land can come under. These are: suelo urbano, suelo urbanizable, and suelo rústico.

Suelo Urbano has all the connections to water, sewage, electric etc and building is almost always permitted however the type of building work you can do on the land varies depending on each sector of the city an you should check that you are able to build what you have in mind before purchasing the land.

Suelo Urbanizable is land that you can are able to turn it into suelo urbano however in order for that to happen you need to have a Plan Parcial approved and then you need to get the approval of a Proyecto de Urbanizaciòn and then the land is available for you to build on but still the same restrictions that the Suelo Urbano apply.

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Land that has been registered as Suelo Rùstico may not be re-registered as Suelo Urbano and therefore this land is very restricted as to what you can build on it. In order to find out what he land you are looking to buy is registered under you need to look under the list called planes generales de ordenaciòn urbanistica de cada cuidad. It is best to have a good lawyer to help you do this to make sure you get it right. This will list the land that you are looking at and therefore you will know what action you need to take. The main services you need to look or when buying land in Spain (especially if it is to build on in order to live) are factors such as; road access to your land, access to water, electric and has somewhere for sewage disposal and whether the land is flat (in the scenario that you want to build on it).

You shouldn't just assume that water and electric access is available because this is not always the case. When considering buying land in Spain you should find out the considerations that you may nee to make when building your land and also what the possibilities of the construction of the land surrounding your land are so that you don't get a surprise should they suddenly start building around you.

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