How to Find Suitable Accommodation for Your Employees Relocating Abroad

Getting the right people onboard is crucial for any kind of business. For a company to thrive, you need to have skilled, reliable employees who will continuously work with you to achieve all goals.

Hiring locals helps ensure you have the right team. However, there are instances wherein you may have to relocate new and current employees to increase productivity and performance in a particular branch or oversee its initial operations.

Although you and your staff may see this as the best move for your company, and an amazing opportunity, the whole relocation process can become complicated and stressful.

Home Searching Tips for International Employee Relocation

One of the most challenging processes you may have to undergo when relocating employees abroad is finding them suitable accommodation.

Whether you already have a team in your international branch or not, searching for a home where your incoming employees can feel safe and comfortable can pose a huge challenge.

A trusted provider of international relocation services shares below some tips that can help you find the perfect home for your employees moving overseas for a temporary or permanent assignment:

1.     Set clear, realistic, and agreed-upon expectations.

Before proceeding to the actual home searching process, you can make this stage less time-consuming and complicated by discussing with the staff you are assigning overseas all the important details about their potential accommodation.

Talk to your employees about the budget you have for their accommodation. From there, you can work out the type of property you can rent that suits their requirements and preferences.

Ask your employees what amenities and features they want their home to have. These may include a fully equipped kitchen, garden, parking area, or in-house gym or swimming pool if they will live in an apartment.

Also, discuss the other factors that can affect their living arrangements. If you are providing them with a vehicle, for example, you and your team can have more options to pick from since you won’t need to limit your choices to properties near their workplace.

By having an open discussion with your team regarding their potential accommodation, you can avoid giving them unrealistic expectations. Moreover, getting their input helps them feel more excited about their new home.

2.     Get help from your overseas team and contacts.

If you already have an established office in your employees’ destination, assign the team there to find suitable accommodation for the incoming staff. They can take on the task of viewing different flats and other housing options.

Your local staff can also deal with the estate agent or property manager regarding payments, necessary repairs, and important terms and conditions on the tenancy agreement.

If you are sending your employees overseas to open your first international branch, and therefore do not have an in-house team yet, get in touch with people you know in the area to help you find suitable housing options. At the very least, ask them to give you the contact details of estate agents that they have worked with and can recommend.

Having someone who can assist you in finding accommodation for your employees can help you save plenty of time. It can also reduce the likelihood that they will end up in a place that they find inconvenient and uncomfortable to live in.

3.     Find out if your movers offer home search services.

Many relocation companies now provide a variety of home search solutions.

International movers have a team that handles the whole process of finding temporary and permanent accommodation for people who need assistance. They will work with you and your employees to find a home that meets everyone’s requirements.

The whole process starts with a consultation session. A consultant will get all the details they need, such as the rent budget, number of rooms, and preferred location, to give you a good number of options.

Once the consultant has a list of potential accommodations, they will discuss the details with you. They can provide you with photos and even work out a virtual apartment or house tour if you and your employees want to have a better idea and a clearer picture of their potential home.

They will also negotiate deals and lease agreements on your behalf when necessary.

If you haven’t hired movers yet for your employees’ relocation, you will do well to look for a company that offers home search services so that you can be sure your staff will have a safe and comfortable place to stay in during their overseas assignment.

4.     Work with a trustworthy estate agency.

Another option you can consider when searching for potential accommodation for your employees is getting help from estate agents.

A quick online search can help you find real estate companies with listings of the best rental properties.

But aside from browsing through the listings, check if the estate agency has a good track record. You should only get in touch with realtors who are recommended by their clients and have excellent online reviews.

And even if you are certain you are working with a reputable realtor, ensure you will still rent the right home for your employees by going through each property carefully. More importantly, have your staff look at the listing and ask their opinion regarding their preferred flat or house.

5.     Double-check the lease agreement.

Regardless of whether you have your employees, moving company, or estate agency handling the home search process, once you have found a home that meets everyone’s requirements, ask for the tenancy agreement and go over it thoroughly with your team.

Make sure you and your employees understand all the terms and conditions. Take note of the total monthly rent, security deposit, penalties for late payment, and length of tenancy, among others.

If you do not agree with something, find out if you can have them amended.

Make sure your employees staying in the rental property will also agree with and follow all the terms and conditions once they move to their new home.

Whether your employees are accepting a post in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe, or the Caribbean, finding the right home for them can make a huge difference in their safety, comfort, and peace of mind.

When your employees feel comfortable in their new workplace and home for the next months or years, they will be more productive and efficient. Because of this, you can get assurance that they will help you reach your goals for your international branch.


Lee Brewin is the CEO of BTR International, one of the UK's premier corporate relocations companies. Providing services which facilitate companies to aid their employees to move and settle down in their new country of assignment, BTR International is all about taking care of people, simplifying business, and bringing optimal efficiency.

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