How To Sell A Mobile Home In Michigan

Selling a mobile home in any state can be challenging if you do not know what you are doing. But the good news is with the right people and the correct information, you can have your mobile home listed, shown, and sold in no time at all. That said, Michigan is one of the largest states and therefore has an abundance of housing options. Nevertheless, many people tend to go with the more affordable options like townhomes, Cass Lake apartments, condos, income based apartments in Michigan, and manufactured or mobile homes.

What’s more, there is an increasing interest in mobile homes for sale. Consequently, selling your mobile home in the state of Michigan can be a fairly straightforward process.

How to Sell a Mobile Home in Michigan

Clearly, if you are selling a mobile home in Michigan, you may have noticed by now that you are dealing with one of the largest mobile home markets around. As a result, it is more of a buyer’s market. However, that does not mean as a seller, you are at a disadvantage. In fact, with the right strategies in place, if you need to sell a home in any particular market, you can. With that said, it is important to keep in mind that you will still need to be on point with your presentation, marketing, and have all the necessary items together to transfer ownership to the new owner as soon as possible. Note, having all your documentation together here typically means before you list your mobile home for sale. If not, you may just miss your window with a buyer, who can easily find another comparable mobile residence on the market.

In addition to bringing your A-game, you should do the standard practices like cleaning your mobile home, making the necessary repairs, and decluttering. It also helps to make a few upgrades like a fresh coat of paint, new carpeting, and even a few new lighting fixtures can make a big difference. Ultimately, your attention to detail will make your residence stand out amongst the other housing options in MI.


That said, it is pretty much imperative that you work with a real estate agent that specializes in selling mobile homes for sale in Cedar Springs MI. When it is a buyer’s market, you are less likely to get your desired or listed price at the time of sale. Thus, bringing in someone who knows how to navigate such a market can ensure that you come out on top. An agent can also walk you through the various ownership transfer caveats in MI.

Besides providing the right kind of assistance, a realtor may very well be a necessity, if you are selling your mobile residence with the land that it sits on. Most states legally require that you have a salesperson license if you are selling real property. In this circumstance, your mobile home goes from chattel or personal property to being classified as real property when sold in combination with the land.

If you are not selling your mobile home with land, then an agent is not technically required. This is generally the case for mobile homeowners who reside in mobile home parks. However, it is still highly recommended that you work with an agent or attorney that has your best interests in mind. Selling a home is no small feat, thus having an experienced professional at your side, can make the task seem a little less daunting.

Prep Work and Advertising

Here, it is also important to showcase your home and all its amazing features. Therefore, you need to stage your home if you are not currently residing in it and take care of noticeable repairs. If you need a professional opinion or assessment of your mobile home before you begin your prep work, then your real estate agent should be able to assist you with such things.

In terms of advertising, you need to market your mobile or manufactured home locally. In the state of Michigan, we highly recommend that you list your mobile residence online. Since MI is such a large state, your intended market may be further out than you expect. Thus, by ensuring that your home listing reaches the masses, you are obviously more likely to sell your mobile home sooner rather than later. Besides online exposure, it is still perfectly acceptable to put a for sale by owner sign up on your lawn or home—this tried, and true method always brings buyers to the yard, which is exactly what you want.

Michigan Paperwork

Like most states, the necessary paperwork needed to complete transactions for mobile homes for sale in Fenton MI has certain requirements in order to transfer the title successfully. With that said, each state has its own regulations when it comes to selling manufactured homes. When selling a home in MI, the seller needs to make sure the title is “free and clear,” which means there can not be any liens on it. The seller’s name must also be the name on the original title in order to prove they have the right to sell the home.

Furthermore, if the home is located in a park or community, there may be separate rules you need to follow, depending on the community’s bylaws. After being familiar with all of the park and state laws, the seller will also need to gather documents that show they have no debt owed on the home. Other items that will be needed are again clear title, tax records and a bill of sale. You do not need a notary in Michigan, even though some states do require one for this kind of transaction. Ultimately, if you have questions or concerns about the required documentation for selling a mobile home in Michigan, then your closing agent/attorney or agent should be able to assist you further.

Selling Tips

Now that you have a better understanding of the selling process for mobile homes in Michigan, it is time to put your best foot forward. In order to do this, you should utilize all the tricks of the trade. For instance, it almost goes without saying, but you absolutely need to study as well as get to know the ins and outs of your particular market. Selling markets are always changing; therefore, you want to know what the current climate looks like. You should also pay extra attention when it comes to prepping and inspecting your mobile residence. Other important selling tips to keep in mind include following your mobile park or manufactured home community rules, so there are no unexpected issues along the way. We also suggest that you sell your home’s amenities as much as possible, and if you have a home warranty still, then you should definitely mention it in your listing.

Take Away

At the end of the day, selling your manufactured home requires some research and assistance. Ultimately, there are a variety of factors that impact your ability to sell your home, like whether or not the sale of your residence is classified as a real estate transaction. Other factors that will determine your sale's outcome, no matter your locale, include the home’s condition, location, ability to meet safety requirements, and overall presentation. How you choose to sell your mobile home matters as well--with the help of an agent, sale by the owner, or if you are selling your mobile residence to a retailer. Typically, selling your mobile or manufactured home to a retailer tends to be the easiest and most streamlined route. Nevertheless, you should weigh all the pros and cons first before moving ahead with a retailer. Remember, you do have other options.

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