8 Common Problems With Conventional Gas Furnaces

Conventional gas furnaces will be rated 89% annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE). These are the long-standing furnaces that still have functioning pilot lights and release gases via the chimneys instead of the PVC pipes.

Excellent condensing furnaces that have 90% AFUE ratings have been popular ever since 2012. It is worth noting that they will need various troubleshooting methods. Conventional gas furnaces are straightforward in how they look, but there are times where they will not work correctly. And if this is the situation, you should contact professional gas furnace technicians.

Meanwhile, here are eight well-known problems you might come across handling conventional gas furnaces.

Faulty Thermostat

You will notice some signs with your furnace that will indicate that you have a defective thermostat. If you realize that the thermostat has a dirty filter, you need to assess the thermostat thoroughly. The thermostat issues can be evident when you notice the furnace isn't producing heat or experiencing fluctuating temperatures.

First, you need to ensure you have power and clean the thermostat components. If it doesn't work, speak to a professional.

The furnace is Constantly Cycling On and Off

You need to reduce the energy expenses and avoid furnace damage by dealing with a gas furnace that's constantly "short cycling."

During the cold season, this issue may be expected and required to keep the house with the high temperatures. But in case you're experiencing something different, you could be dealing with a significant issue. There are numerous things to look at, including checking the broken thermostat, dirty filter, and more.

Inadequate Heat

If it's chilly, the gas furnace must be working correctly and keeping your home warm. When you notice the furnace has malfunctioned, there is a chance you could be dealing with several issues. You may choose to handle the repairs alone or get in touch with a specialist if you can't.

Noisy Furnace

A noisy furnace will indicate a problem that could cost you money if you don't repair it soon. You may hear squeaking, humming, or loud banging. Whatever the noise, you need to resolve the problems quickly. You will not only save money in the long term, but you will find peace of mind.

Some of the well-known solutions could be filter replacement because the noise could be emanating from a clog.

Electronic Ignition Failure

The latest conventional gas furnaces won't rely on the pilot to turn on the furnace. In its place, they will utilize the electronic elements. Electronic ignition happens naturally in these two ways: hot-surface or intermittent pilot ignition.

The hot-surface ignition will utilize an electronically regulated heating component, unlike the regular bulb, to turn on the gas burner. On the other hand, the intermittent pilot will use the electronic regulated powerful spark to turn on the gas burner, which will keep the burners on.

If there is an electronic ignition failure, the furnace may not produce heat; it may keep cycling continuously or deal with other issues. But electronic ignition issues can be resolved. First, you could change the filter and assess the gas line. If the repairs don't fix anything, get in touch with a pro.

The Blower is Running Always

If the gas furnace blower is on continuously, there are two things you should consider. There is a chance the fan control may be broken. Fan limit switch is a vital tool that will keep the furnace temperature under control and shut down the crucial elements when there is a specific temperature.   

The fan limit switch will malfunction if you have the blower running always. To solve this problem, you need to reset the device or buy a replacement.

Pilot Light Is Off

The pilot light could go off in old furnaces because of a dirty hole present in the burner or dirt stuck in the gas line. Or there is a possibility that the thermocouple may be broken, leading to the gas line shut down. The pilot light going off is a well-known reason why gas furnaces will malfunction.

However, repairing the pilot light is straightforward. Also, it's easy to get a thermocouple replacement if it's broken.

Furnace and Thermostat Are Not Matched Correctly

If you wish to have a gas furnace that functions correctly, you need to ensure the thermostat and furnace are perfectly matched. Matching the wrong types will lead to unnecessary problems. For example, the gas furnace may malfunction in your house irrespective of how you set the thermostat. Before you install the thermostat, you need to understand the different types of thermostats available.

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