Banksy’s Rage, The Flower Thrower - history of legendary art

You have probably heard of Banksy. His new works are highly discussed, they create resonance. The graffiti artist, he uses wit and satiric imagery in his works. So, what is the secret of his success? Why did he become one of the most famous artists in the world, even though no one has seen his face?

Banksy is a real phenomenon. One of the reasons he is hiding his identity is that graffiti is considered to be vandalism, so therefore it is illegal. Also, such anonymity only adds some mystery to his graffiti. By hiding his face, he could continue to create art and open the eyes of society.

His works inspire and make you think about different things. One of the artworks is Rage, The Flower Thrower. It is believed to be the early art of Banksy. But do you know the history and meaning that lies behind it? Follow us and you will get to know it.

What we see

The graffiti shows us a black and white depiction of a man. He is standing in a pose like he was aiming somewhere. He is wearing a mask and his clothes are simple. Such a man makes you think he would throw a bomb, but instead of a weapon, he holds a bouquet of flowers. They are depicted in color. The image itself seems to be quite simple until you think better and notice the details.

What it really means

The true meaning of an artwork may be understood if you take all the details into account. Even a location of graffiti can give you a small hint or tell you a lot. Rage, The Flower Thrower is located in Palestine, on one of the walls. Some think the artwork represents the conflict between Arab and Israeli politics.

The artist is known for having anti-war ideas, he is a pacifist, and his artwork reflects his thoughts. The surprising combination of things that cannot be combined - beauty, youth, peace, and rage, aggression, war - gives a surprising effect. The bouquet which replaced the bomb symbolizes the peace and serenity that could be found in a place where you least expect to have it.

Popular image

This graffiti is now may be found on cups, pillows, blankets, notebooks, and canvases. Wall decoration is always a great solution for a home of people who love art and know what meaning lies behind a pretty picture.

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One more interpretation

But let us get back to the meaning of this artwork. There is one more that might be interesting. According to some, the gay parade in Jerusalem in 2005 became a reason this art appeared. The thing is the parade, marchers were attacked, and some were even injured by the protesters.

As artwork depicts the bouquet in color, and the figure of a man in all black, it may be a hint of the events that happened years ago.

Power of art

There may be a lot of different interpretations and thoughts while one is looking at the canvas. One thing is universal - this graffiti evokes positive feelings; it gives us hope that the world may become a better place: peaceful and safe. The artwork has its own social and political message and is ready to wake up the nations.

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