How to find the best apartment for student life?

Is it too noisy in the dormitory? Or do you just want to live by yourself? When you need to concentrate on your studies and live in your own rhythm, it is crucial to have a perfectly comfortable place for this. The dorm rarely fits this description. After all, how can you write an essay about a house if you do not have one? A lark's a lark, but finding the ideal apartment takes a long time, so you should take action right away. We will tell you how to choose the best apartment and avoid the mistakes of inexperienced renters.

Perfect student apartment

The person you live with during your university years determines how easy it will be to get through this period. If you want to be in a comfortable, social atmosphere, you should report it when looking for a dormitory, apartment, or house. You need to imagine what kind of life you want to see outside of college, and you need to take that vision into account.

Do a little online research to find out what the atmosphere and level of communication are like where you are going to settle in. Student forums, especially those where alumni communicate, will be useful for this. Decide for yourself whether you want to live with international students or natives. You should also report this when you search and apply since you are unlikely to like your new place to live if it is a party every day, and you have dreamed of settling in a secluded nest and studying day and night.

How to choose a student apartment?

The main places to find apartments for students are real estate search services, social networks, and real estate agencies. You can combine several channels for a quick result.

Real estate search services

This option is the most convenient by the number of offers and filters that can be put during the search. However, the majority of ads with inexpensive apartments on such websites are fake. Realtors use them to attract attention. To make this tool work, do not be fooled by advertisements with an impossibly low price tag, and request photos of the apartment before you go for a viewing.

Social networks

This tool has replaced the good old word of mouth marketing. In social networks, you can find many rental communities, student communities where you can quickly find out who is moving in and looking for a replacement renter. The main advantage is that you can also find your neighbors there. It is also possible to increase your chances by posting on your own page an announcement that you are looking for an apartment. Duplicate it in all communities for rent, and don't forget to ask your friends for reposts.

Real estate agencies

This option is best for those who have come to their senses at the peak of the season. Without professional help, you will not be able to cope here because all available, inexpensive options are already taken. The agent knows the market better, so you will save time and nerves. However, be prepared to pay more. The commission rate of agencies starts from 50% of the rental rate per month.

Students' communities

Before you start studying, student groups on social networking sites and university information boards are packed with ads about renting out rooms or finding neighbors.

Rules for renting an apartment

Reviewing the apartment

Do not agree to rent or pay by phone or on the Internet. Examine the apartment and talk to the landlord about the price and conditions in person.

The first impression

The owner wants to entrust the apartment in good hands. It is important to make an impression of reliability. Be polite but confident. You have to convince the landlord that you will treat the property diligently.


It is a perfect variant to rent an apartment together with a friend or girlfriend to save money. But if there is no such possibility, and you have decided to rent an apartment not alone, choose the neighbors carefully. You should ask in advance about the plans and lifestyle of potential roommates. For example, you are going to study hard, and your neighbor wants to organize parties. You are unlikely to achieve mutual understanding.


The farther an apartment is from the downtown or subway, the cheaper it is. But consider the cost of traveling to the university. Calculate how much time and money you will spend per month on transportation. Perhaps, your comfort is worth the extra cost.


Sign a contract with the owner. An official document will protect your rights. The term of the lease, price, prepayment, and other terms and conditions of renting an apartment must be prescribed. You will not suddenly be evicted, and the price will not be raised if it is specified in the contract.


  • Start searching for an apartment two months before the season starts. At the beginning of the season, the number of options will decrease, and the prices will increase. Thus, you will have time to think over everything and make a balanced decision, and not to grab the first option as you have no other choice;
  • If you are just applying, and it is impossible to prepare in advance, start looking for students who are graduating from your university this year. After talking to 5-6 people, you will definitely find a more or less suitable option;
  • Do not focus only on apartments that are within walking distance from your campus. Sometimes it is more advantageous to buy a student pass and drive a couple of bus stops than to overpay for proximity to the student district;
  • Be ready for a quick deal. Monitor ads once every few hours, and carry with you the amount that will cover the deposit, commission, and one month's worth of living.
  • Think about what you will say about yourself and your roommates at the apartment viewing. As a rule, girls or couples are more trusted. If the apartment is necessary for the company of guys, think about how to make a good impression.

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