How To Find Hard Money Lenders For Real Estate Investing

Sometimes, conventional financing isn't an option, and real estate investors need to seek alternatives. Hard money loans are among the most used and most popular funding options in such cases, but also on many other occasions. But where to find hard money lenders and how to choose a reliable one? In this article, you'll learn what a lender is and how to find one for a hard money loan.  

What Is A Hard Money Lender? 

A hard money lender is an individual or a company willing to take on risk and lend money to investors based on the value of their property. Unlike traditional lenders, such as banks, who require a good credit history and steady income, hard money lenders mostly care about the market value of the collateral property. 

It usually takes no more than a week for a lender to approve a loan. However, hard money loans are not for everyone, and they aren’t suitable for every deal. They are best for situations where the investor needs cash quickly, and plan to get a return on their investment in a short period. 

Where Can You Find Hard Money Lenders? 

Each hard money lender has different criteria for their funding options, and they may include property value, a minimum credit score, type of property, experience level, or loan to value. There are many ways to find a hard money lender, but the most efficient ones include the following: 

Google Search 

The internet is the most potent pivoting tool in our tech-oriented, modern world. You can get any information you want with just a few mouse clicks. Therefore, anyone wondering how to find a reliable hard money lender should first do a thorough Google search. Search for local lenders by including your location and you'll get a list of various individuals and companies. Contact the ones you like to talk about their offers before narrowing your choice. 

Local Real Estate Investor Club Meetings 

Attending investor club meetings is one of the most efficient ways of finding hard money lenders. They usually participate in those meetings looking to connect with potential borrowers. It's a perfect place for networking, too. You can meet many investors and ask them for recommendations. 

Talk to Real Estate Professionals 

Real estate professionals who've worked with investors are likely to be a valuable source of reputable lenders. Talk to attorneys, real estate agents, or mortgage brokers. Anyone in the business who has ever dealt with investors will know of at least one lender. 

Social Media

Businesses, including hard money lenders, are no strangers to the power of social media. Many of them leverage the most popular social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to promote their services and attract new clients. Social media is an excellent spot for starting your search.  


Once you create a list of your favorite hard money lenders, check each of them until you find one with terms that fit your needs. Choosing the right financing option and the right lender is one of the most important aspects of any investor's business. If you are looking for hard money lenders in Florida is great choice.

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