2 Major reasons you should pest-proof your home

Pests are not welcomed by any homeowner. Their presence can cause a lot of nuisance hence; it is best to take steps beforehand to limit their entrance into your house. The process of making your house inhabitable for pests is called ‘pest-proofing’. Pest-proofing the house can be very advantageous for you and the house that you live in. Although, there are many reasons why pest-proofing is essential, let us take a look at the two most important reasons why you should also opt for this as soon as possible.

A huge threat to your health

It is a given that the entry of pests and or any other animal is a huge concern in terms of health and wellbeing. Pests are not clean and they bring the same filth and dirt into your homes. The majority of pests such as cockroaches, rats, mosquitoes, raccoons, etc. are carriers of various diseases and they tend to bring it with themselves when they sneak into your homes. They can transfer the same diseases and infections to you. When they enter your territory, they will roam around the place looking for food. This hunt for food will often lead them to the kitchen and other areas where there is food. They will eat the food which is not covered or even crawl on surfaces making it unsanitary. This contact that they have with our food and house will lead to contamination. When this food is consumed it leads to many diseases that can have serious consequences. Infections and diseases can be easily transmitted. Some of these diseases include the following:

  1. Hantavirus which is often spread by rats and mice
  2. Typhoid from mice
  3. Leptospirosis and rat-bite fever through rats
  4. Lyme diseases through ticks
  5. Dengue and Zika from mosquitoes

There are various ways through which you can get infected. The droppings, urine, and saliva are equally contaminated and are a host of various parasites. If you come in contact with any of these, your health can be at serious risk. You can even get bitten by rodents such as rats and mice and get hantavirus. Their saliva is dangerous and contains various viruses when they bite any human. It is best to pest-proof your house to keep these pests at bay. Learn about DIY rat removal here.

Damage your property

These pests will also cause a lot of damage to your property. Some pests feed on the building materials of the house. Several pests such as termites, ants, long-horned beetles, and carpenter bees use wood as a food source. Wood flooring, pillars, or tabletops is just another thing to feast on. If they are not feasting on it, they are burrowing through it; either way, the damage is massive. This constant eating of food affects the structure of the house making it weak and exposing it to dangerous possibilities such as toppling or collapsing of the whole house. What may seem like minute damage, in the beginning, may end up threatening the structure of the house. This often results in disasters.

Different pests damage your property in different ways. Animals like raccoons can cause significant damage. That’s why it is best to become familiar with the behaviors of raccoons and different raccoon information. They may seem cute and harmless but in reality, are a threat to your property. A raccoon is not a lightweight animal. It weighs somewhere between 10-14 kgs and can affect the insulation present in your attic. When such a heavy animal walks and tramples on your attic, the insulation is bound to compress. The fact that female raccoons stay in your attic to nurse their young ones further damages your insulation since they have to clear out space for themselves and their babies. Insulation is there to keep your house warm and cozy but all of this damage is bound to affect it by making it ineffective. Raccoons also affect the ventilation system that is vastly present in the attic. These are the damages that require immediate repair as any delay can result in fire. This will not only damage your property but result in hefty cooling and insulation bills.

Pest-proof your homes

As mentioned above, pest-proofing is a must in any house. It can result in some serious effectiveness in keeping out these pests. Once they enter, they damage your house and threaten your health. It is best to pest-proof your house to avoid any of the above-discussed situations.

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