Enclosed Patios with Retractable Screens - the Evolution of your Erstwhile Redundant Patio into an Exciting Living Space


The patio, derived from the Spanish language, can also mean a forecourt or courtyard and generally represents an indoor area adjoining a home that one uses for recreation or for dining. Typically, patios represent the paved area between the garden and the house, and mirror the lifestyle and the true personality of those who live within. Although, earlier, many considered the patio as a dead space, the fast advent of new ideas and the quick evolution of building designs to an advanced level with the influx of new technologies, now revolutionizes the erstwhile redundant patio into an exciting and useful living space. In this context, a patio enclosure is a great idea for each home, multi-storey buildings and even commercial establishments.

Enter the Retractable Screens

The entrance to your house epitomizes your personality and character and is the first distinctive feature of the house that you meet. Many of us would abhor the idea of defacing the front elevation of the door and prefer to leave it without creating an enclosure. This is where the retractable screens come into reckoning, as they stay ingeniously attached to the doorframe, for pulling into place when you want them and retracting them to their original concealed place when not in use.

The Growing Concept

You can find several reputed vendors who can give you unique screens to match the lovely elegance of your home. An enclosed patio with retractable screens is a concept that is growing more popular each day. You can search for and find excellent designs for retractable screens with absolute aesthetic reliability from vendors who offer even custom-based solutions for integrating the relationship between the inside of the house and the garden. These retractable screens offer security against insects and the blazing sun to give you the dual advantage of protection and aesthetic values.

Alternative Uses

Retractable screens, besides their use for patio enclosures in your residence, can also serve pools and spas adequately. The current breeds of retractable screen materials display a remarkable choice of designs and colors.


You can read below some of the key benefits that accrue from using an enclosed patio with retractable screens:

  • Paves the way for expanding the living space inside a home or an apartment
  • You can adapt the retractable screens to the vicissitudes of the weather
  • A patio with retractable screens permits you to use it for longer periods from Spring till Autumn
  • They help to protect the patio furniture through the harsh winters and the scorching summers
  • The restricted access provides safety for children and pet animals
  • Creates the most beautiful and enjoyable living space in your home
  • The trapped heat from the enclosure adds comfort to the inner areas of your house

Ensuring Product Quality

Most reputable manufacturers offer attractive and durable products using the principles of spring tension to allow the ultra-thin fiber-glass screen material not only to offer free ventilation (at the same time barring the unpleasant entry of insects), but also admirably to cushion the impact at the moment you retract the screens. The creative use of powder coated aluminum extrusion of the highest quality for the frames and matching screen quality assures you long years of hassle-free service.

How retractable screens work

Screen housing, preferably of extruded anodized aluminum, attached to the side of the door, holds the rolled screen in place. You see the screen only when you pull it out. Retract it and the screen disappears into the housing.

Can you buy DIY retractable screens?

Several manufacturers offer DIY kits for installation of retractable screens, but this means that you will mostly have to go for standard sizes. You do not need a professional installer for this. Today you have a considerably simplified process of installing your own retractable screens. All you have to do with these do-it-yourself kits is to make a few simple track cuts before you install.


Most standard screen frames come in bronze, white or sandstone colors and the short screen frames come in white color.

Problems you can run into after installation

Some of the points you could check are:

  • Ensure that the top rack does not hinder the working of the screen handle
  • Ensure the tracks are clear
  • Secure track screws optimally, if loose
  • Lubricate the tracks often

Custom Sizes

You can order retractable screens to custom sizes to fit any doorway or patio enclosure, but you would do well to check standard sizes and their suitability for your application before you order custom sizes that range from 70 to 95 inches. Today, you can buy custom sizes to suit any size opening, and opt for motorized screens that work by remote control

Other extremely affordable options

You can also find ingenious pleated fabric screen material that eliminate using complex and expensive springs, and offer better affordability. Installation is trouble-free and quick. The great advantage with these screens is their adaptability to non-standard openings that you come across so often on patios or porches, as the screen slides into place with least effort. This is really an affordable option to the more expensive motorized retractable screens. You can also get more color options here.


Most branded retractable screen manufacturers offer a 5-year warranty, subject to your making the claim in writing or by e-mail.

Author Bio

This article was written on behalf of Rose Sun Window Treatments, a hunter douglas motorization specialist in blinds and retractable screens.

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