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6 Of The Best DIY Window Treatments

Fancy window treatments are expensive. Are you short on funds but need a fresh look for your windows?

These do-it-yourself options look professional and in-style, costing less than pre-fashioned treatments purchased from a retailer. 

1. Country-Style Swags are Simple

If your decor is country-style or antique, making your own window swag or scarf is as simple as cutting a piece of preferred fabric to the correct length. If you’re going for a distressed look, fray the edges with scissors or give them a textured edge using pinking shears. For a more finished look, simply sew the edges.

2. Wallpaper Adds Design to Simple Shades

indow shades

Image via Flickr by emdot

For completely custom window treatments, adhere wallpaper to plain, flat window shades. This creates a unique look while providing the same roll-up convenience that shades offer. Made to match any room in your home, these custom shades are totally in sync with your personal style and can’t be copied by friends or neighbors unless you share your secret.

3. Make Your Own Roman Shades

Roman shades are a trend of the moment, adding texture and style to any room. Do-it-yourself roman shades are simple to make by gluing fabric to mini-blinds. This is a great option for revamping your window treatments without spending a lot of money — and it doesn’t require any sewing skills. Choose a fabric that matches your paint for a subtle look, or go for added style by experimenting with textured or patterned fabric.

4. Turn Bed Sheets into Panels

Not into fancy patterns, lace, and stand-out window treatments? Simple panels, in opaque or sheer fabrics, are simple to make on your own. If you’re a total sewing dummy, create instant panels using flat bed sheets; simply use the wider top seam to feed the sheets through curtain rods.

If you’re capable of using a sewing machine, create different hems and bunched effects with a few simple stitches.

5. Custom Shoji Shades

hoji shade

Image via Flickr by spinster cardigan

Shoji shades add a modern feel to any room, filtering natural sunlight and enhancing privacy. Create any design you want using narrow wood trim purchased from a home-improvement store and rice or mulberry-fiber paper that forms the interior shade part of your shoji shade. Wood glue holds the pieces together, and rice glue or standard craft glue adheres the paper to the wood frame.

Enhance the style by adding a second layer of paper cut into a leaf or flower design, which creates a sophisticated, custom look.

6. No-Sew Window Valances

Sometimes, all a window needs is a bit of an accent — easily accomplished with a decorative window valance. Even valances purchased at retailers are sometimes expensive, but creating your own is incredibly easy with the fabric of your choice. With a bit of glue, an iron, and your preferred fabric, a completely custom window valance is achievable in just a few minutes.

These do-it-yourself window treatment options make ample alternatives to pricey retailer window fixtures, even if you’re terrible with a sewing machine. Whether you want a country feel or a sleek, contemporary look, doing it yourself is a viable option for your windows.

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