Douglas Ebenstein: A Man Of Many Interests

Placed in the city of Fairfax, Virginia, at 3018 Javier Rd. A lovely two-story structure houses both Capital Commercial Properties' legal office as well as Ladybug Academy Family Day Care.

Boca Raton, Florida-based real estate firm Capital Commercial Properties owns the land where it stands. Since 1961, the corporation has expanded and transformed its properties into community-beneficial assets.

About the Floridian Douglas "Doug" Ebenstein

Douglas 'Doug' Ebenstein is the President of Capital Commercial Properties, Inc., a housing and mortgage development firm situated in Florida, as well as Douglas Ebenstein - Legal Office. These are just two of the numerous companies that he is currently running at this time.

Capital Commercial Properties, Inc. was founded by Norman Ebenstein in 1961, and since then it has been responsible for the development of a number of commercial properties, shopping complexes, and multi-family residential developments around the United States. Nevertheless, Washington, District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia make up the majority of the company's focus.

After his father passed in 2016, Doug stepped into the position of President of the property management company the family owned. Since then, he has exerted a great deal of effort in order to uphold the standards that his father had labored for nearly half a century to establish.

Education and Employment History of Doug

Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, is a prestigious educational institution where Douglas Ebenstein received his education and achieved his Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics.

While Doug was a student at that institution, he was a member of the university tennis team, on which he played and battled in a tough manner. During his four years of schooling at the institution, he was a reliable member of the squad and took part in all of the school's athletic tournaments.

Mr. Ebenstein finished first in every single as well as the double competition he entered during his undergrad and grad years of high school, respectively. His accomplishments in tennis didn't stop there, as he went on to gain a national standing of 300 although playing the sport on a professional level. He also won a national championship.

To this day, Doug continues to be an avid fan of tennis and participates in a variety of charitable activities to promote the sport in any way he can. Following his graduation at Brown University, he continued his education at Duke University, where he also achieved a great deal of success throughout his time there.

Contributions Made by Doug to the Community

Additionally, Doug Ebenstein has had a profound impact on the people in his town. As was said previously, he is a supporter of tennis as well as a variety of other sporting programs. Brown University's tennis team travels to Boca Raton, Florida, every year, thanks to his support.

Attendee at the Kantor Family Center in Florida Douglas Ebenstein is also involved in the local Israeli congregation and is a supporter of the Morgan Pressel Foundation, which is dedicated to combating cancer and generating money for research into the disease.

The annual Morgan Pressel Golf Tournament brought in a total of $600,000 in donations in the year 2014. In the thirteen years that it has been held, the event has brought in a staggering total of $9.5 million for charitable donations.

Morgan Pressel Cancer Genetics Center, Boca Raton Regional Hospital and various other sorts of medical facilities receive the funding.

In the field of Real Estate & Property Development, Douglas Ebenstein

One of the East Coast's greatest Asian shopping centers is in charge of one of the several firms owned by Mr. Ebenstein, which includes Capital Commercial Properties and Eden Center Inc.

This fantastic firm is well-known for many things, one of which is the fact that it has evolved into one of the most significant places in terms of culture, education, and knowledge.

Additionally, the complex is home to approximately one hundred tenants, among which twenty-four are well-known Vietnamese dining establishments. It is only fitting that the Eden Center (Vietnamese Restaurant in Falls Church VA - Vietnam Food Virginia ( as well as Capital Commercial Properties be recognized for their remarkable achievements by receiving such accolades as:

The Washington City Paper voted this shopping center the "Best Shopping Center" in 2014.

The Washington City Paper named it the "Best Shopping Center" in 2015, and it was awarded "Most Improved Commercial Property" in Falls Church, Virginia, in 1997.

Like so many other successful businesses, Douglas Ebenstein is continually looking for new chances in real estate as well as property development.

Doug's primary concern is the expansion of all of his companies over the long term, thus he works hard to amass real estate holdings in areas that are likely to increase in value over time. This strategy is critical inside the real estate industry, because the value of a property might fluctuate for a variety of reasons.

It's because of Mr. Ebenstein's unwavering commitment to this strategy that all the organizations he monitors and manages have had sustained success over the years.

Retail leasing and shopping malls around the United States are overseen by Doug. They are as follows:

Shopping centers in the following locations: Johnstown, Pennsylvania's Belair Plaza, Alexandria, Virginia's Sullivan Place Retail, and Silver Spring, Maryland's Stoney Mill Square

Hillandale Shopping Center in Silver Spring, Maryland Timonium Square in Timonium, Maryland Hillandale Shopping Center in Silver Spring, Maryland


Mr. Douglas Ebenstein will be without a doubt an inspiration to a great number of young people who are interested in pursuing a career in the real estate industry. Not only for young people, but also for many seasoned real estate developers who look up to him as a role model, he is an inspiration.

Doug's professional future is undoubtedly one to anticipate if he continues at this rate. As someone who is driven to succeed, he does not rest on his accomplishments but instead works hard to make a positive impact on as many people's lives as he can.

This man's commitment in his local community and philanthropic endeavors is a clear indication of how he feels about others.

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