Can You only Use Barn Paint on Barns?

Anyone seeing the title barn paint could instantly be forgiven for thinking that this product was only for use on Barns, however this could not be further from the truth. Barn paint can actually be found on the exterior of a wide range of different buildings. So we thought we would have a look at the make-up of barn paint, and see what makes it a popular choice when it comes to painting the outside of many properties. As well as doing that we will also highlight the different types of building that would benefit from the application of a coat or two of barn paint.

What is Barn Paint?

Barn Paint is a water based paint that is especially useful when it comes to offering protection for the exterior of buildings that are cladded in wooden, metal or plastic or in some cases even brick. You can apply barn paint to surfaces that already have a paint finish including those already covered with products like weathered bitumen, tar or varnish. However, caution should be taken before applying barn paint to a surface covered in bitumen paint as there is a possibility that the existing paintwork may become visible over time ruining the aesthetic appeal of the property.

What are Some of the Qualities of Barn Paint

One of the many benefits of Barn paint is that it’s water base makes it very easy to apply, which makes covering a large expanse somewhat less challenging. Barn paint is available in a wide range of colours, and as such is the ideal choice if you are looking to revitalise old, tired looking cladding or even garden fencing and decking. Barn paint also has a number of protective qualities which include, removing the possibility of rust and corrosion and preventing rotting on wooden surfaces. It’s also quick drying and in the case of acrylic based barn paints offers great durability.

The fact that it has all these qualities means that barn paint is a particularly good choice when you are looking for a product that gives you not only an excellent level of protection but also longevity. Let’s face it most people would prefer not to have to repaint parts of their property every six months. Another benefit of Barn Paint is that it offers great flexibility which reduces the chances of cracking, especially in the case of timber surface which routinely expands and contracts as the seasons change.

Is Barn Paint a Direct Replacement for Creosote

For many years creosote was a familiar sight on the outside of wooden buildings such as barns, garden sheds as well as garden fences. This was because Creosote even though it only lasted maybe two years was relatively cheap in relation to other paints. However, as the world in general became more health and safety conscious it became apparent that Creosote contained a number of ingredients that were harmful to both humans and animals. Exposure to Creosote could possibly lead to skin irritation and rashes, irritation to the eyes and in more severe cases kidney and liver problems. As a result Creosote is now banned from domestic use. While Barn Paint may not be a direct replacement for creosote, it is now seen as a much better option when it comes to painting wooden surfaces. One of the main reasons for this is that it is much safer, but health and safety aside it has other advantages. Being a water based paint it can be applied over existing coats which include old creosote. In comparison to creosote it is relatively odour free and is much more long lasting.

What Type of Buildings Can You Use Barn Paint On?

As well as the obvious barn paint can also be used on a wide range of other properties which include but are not limited to:

  • Garden Sheds
  • Stables
  • Home Bars
  • Garden Fences
  • Decking
  • Exterior Cladding

So, in answer to the question we posed in the title Barn paint is just not for use on barns. In fact it is a valuable material that can be used to cover, protect and improve the aesthetic appeal of a wide range of different buildings and other structures.

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