I’m Moving to Ottawa, How Can I Rent an Apartment?

Welcome to the beautiful capital city of Canada! Ottawa is filled with plenty of homegrown businesses, breathtaking places to explore, and of course to the iconic Rideau Canal and Parliament Hill. Throughout the year the activities and things to do are endless, with festivals like Bluesfest in the summer, and the opening of the Rideau Canal for skating in the winter!  

Finding an apartment in such a bustling city center can be a challenge if you do not approach it correctly. Follow our pro tips below to make sure that your search for the perfect home in Ottawa is a success!

  • Start Searching Early: We suggest looking for an apartment at least 60 days before your ideal move in date. If you are hoping to move into one of the more in-demand areas of town, consider beginning your search even sooner.
  • What You Want: Before you start searching, you will need to know exactly what you want. Take into consideration factors like how many people you will have living with you, if you need a pet-friendly apartment, or if there are specific amenities that you are hoping to have access to.
  • Start Searching Online: There are a variety of different platforms that you can use that will show you rentals that are available in Ottawa, including ca and Zillow. These helpful tools allow you to use filters like budget and location to help narrow down your search!
  • The Application Process: When you have found a few options of places that are available for rent in Ottawa, then comes the application process. Most will encourage you to visit and take a tour in-person or virtually, and then complete an online application process that typically includes an application fee, as well as a credit check and proof of income.
  • Reviews: It’s always a great idea to visit the area you’re hoping to move along with the actual apartment building. Remember to do your research – whether it’s asking around or searching the web for reviews on apartment complexes and different neighborhoods.
  • Rental Interviews: If you are not already located in the area you can set up an appointment to talk to the company managing the rentals through a video chat and/or virtual tour. It is better to visit in person, but this can be difficult depending on your situation. It’s also important to keep in mind that when you are speaking with the leasing agent or landlord, that they’re not only taking into the account the information on your application, but also your overall appearance and actions.
  • Closing: Be ready to move quickly on an apartment that you have your eye on. This means that you should be prepared to apply as soon as possible, especially if the complex is in one of Ottawa’s prime areas for real estate.

Moving to Ottawa should be exciting, not stressful. If you keep the above information in mind, you will be fully prepared for anything that may come your way during your search for the perfect apartment!

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