9 Affordable Ways To Increase Your Apartment's Security


We are living in an era where homes are smart, and the burglars are trying to make it even smarter!

However, that doesn’t mean that we will give in to their methods and sit in our apartments all cooped up and scared.

We have to ensure that we are leaving no stones unturned to get to that point of home security where we get that peaceful night's sleep.

However, what about the budget?

Yes, we can always spend thousands on our apartment security, and it will be safe for us to dwell.

But, not all of us can afford that kind of expenditure, especially for someone who is living alone and just starting with their career.

Thus, we have brought to you some of the affordable yet effective ways to secure your house or apartment.

This excerpt will include some affordable buys and some tips and tricks that can ensure the safety you have been wanting.

So, the next time you are worried about leaving your house unattended, you do not have to worry about a burglar taking all your expensive electronics.

The next time you go off to bed at night, you do not have to worry about any intruder attacking you in the middle of the night.

Why Is It Important To Hire A Professional Home Security Installer

Before we get to the super affordable part of the article, let us discuss pressing issues.

How long are you going to watch youtube videos and try to install the security equipment?

Not only is it dangerous, but it is prone to many problems. Damage that is unrecoverable is one of them.

When you are installing your brand new home security, whether it is smart lock or video surveillance, always get a professional home security installer.

Not only are they professionals who will ensure that there is no damage done to the concrete structure of your house, but in case of any damage, they will be the ones dealing with it.

Why worry when you can hire at affordable prices!

Affordable Ways To Increase Home Security

Now, coming back to the subject, we will elaborate upon the pointers that can help you level up to that iron-clad security for your apartment, but with less expenditure cost.

1. Get An Intercom

This is much cheaper than getting a motion sensor light or camera. All you need to do is get an intercom; one end is attached outside your apartment door.

This is when your apartment doesn't have buzzers, and you wouldn’t want to ensure the person knowing at the door is safe to enter.

You can talk to them over the intercom before letting them in or even opening the door.

2. Change The Deadbolt Lock

If your apartment is old and rented, it is absolutely necessary for you to change the deadbolt lock.

This is to ensure that the people who resided before are unable to get into the apartment. It is not just about them, because god knows how many people have the spare key.

3. Surveillance Camera

Surveillance is considerably cheaper than motion sensors or glass breakage sensors. You just need one outside your apartment door.

Plus, if you get a security installation company to install it, you can easily get some discounts and insurance if the camera falters after the installation.

A camera might sound expensive, but they have become much more mainstream and reasonably priced.

4. Thick Blinds

Thick blinds are the cheapest to purchase on this entire list!

But they are extremely effective. This can protect your house from the burglars who are making it a target. This is also for your personal safety because you do not know who could be peeping through from another window.

Drop the thick blinds during the nighttime.

5. Smart Lights

You can even get smart lights at a much lower price, and you wouldn’t need them for the entire house but just the living room.

Make sure they are wifi connected so that you can access them even when you are outside. This is to ensure that you keep your lights on at a certain time period when you are out vacationing.

Just to give the illusion that the house isn't empty, now that most are returning to work after the work from home is being released.

6. Spare Keys!

Let’s talk about this!

Where is your spare key?

You better not say it is underneath the mat. This is the worst place to hide it, and almost everyone knows it.

Even the burglars!

You need to be more responsible and keep a spare key with your neighbors. Not anywhere is it easily accessible to almost anyone?

7. Smart Locks

You can also get good discounts on smart locks from the security installers. This is also a one-time investment.

No more worrying about not locking the door before leaving or at night when you are already tucked under the covers. Now you can check the status with your phone.

8. Panic Buttons

Panic buttons are very important, not just for banks but also for your house. Therefore, ensure to get these panic buttons in inaccessible positions.

Panic buttons can help you save precious time during an attack. They can be connected to the closest police station and alert them.

9. A Safe

A safe is very important even if you have that one precious item to save.

This will ensure that your precious item will be safe even after an intruder attack in your absence. Make sure that the safe is heavily password-protected, and please note a password that is not as simple as ‘12345’.

Safe & Secure!

A safe and secure house is a home that you would like to live in. This is a house where you can sleep peacefully.

A house where you do not have to worry about getting robbed every second.

A house that can give proofs with camera footage if, god forbid, any accident happens.

A house that can save precious time when under attack.

All in all, a perfectly safe & secure house!

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