5 Ways to Find Inspiration for Your Vacation Rental Renovation

In the bustling world of vacation rentals, standing out is more than just a benefit—it's a necessity. As rental owners, our primary aim is to provide an experience, a story, a momentary home away from home. Central to this mission is the aesthetic ambiance and spirit of the space we offer.

But how does one continually breathe new life into a property? How do you ensure your rental remains not just relevant but a sought-after destination? Delving deep into my extensive background in interior design, I've uncovered a tapestry of inspirations that seamlessly bridge comfort with style, tradition with innovation, and function with art. Let’s embark on this transformative journey together, exploring avenues that will redefine the soul of your vacation rental and provide guests with an unforgettable sojourn.

  • Draw from Local Landscapes

Every vacation destination boasts a unique, vibrant palette shaped by nature. Your property, whether nestled in the mountainous terrains or perched beside crystal-clear waters, can derive its design cues from the very landscape that surrounds it. For instance, a coastal property might embrace serene blues, whites, and beige, drawing inspiration from the waves, sand, and sky. Whereas, a countryside rental can incorporate greens, browns, and floral motifs, mirroring the fields and forests. Tapping into these natural hues and textures not only creates an authentic space but also deepens a guest's connection to the locale, making their stay a truly immersive experience.

  • Explore Global Trends

In our interconnected world, design inspirations aren’t confined to borders. Various cultures offer a wealth of ideas, from Scandinavia's minimalist chic to Morocco's vibrant tapestries. By integrating elements from far-off lands, your rental can be a fusion of styles, giving guests a taste of global sophistication without them needing a passport. Regularly browse international design blogs, magazines, and online platforms. Infusing your space with a touch of global charm not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also broadens its allure to a diverse set of travelers, ensuring your rental remains a cosmopolitan haven.

  • Draw Inspiration from Hotels and Other Vacation Rentals

Sometimes, the best inspiration is right before our eyes, championed by industry leaders. Take, for instance, the intricately designed hotels near Nashville. Their careful blend of modern amenities with timeless elegance offers a treasure trove of ideas. Stay a night or two, absorb the ambiance, and take note of design elements that resonate. But don’t stop there. The world of vacation rentals is vast, with many standout properties setting the gold standard for interior design. Browse platforms, read reviews, and identify rentals that guests can't stop raving about. It’s not about imitation, but about drawing insights and adapting them to fit your property’s unique essence. Embracing the best practices from esteemed establishments ensures that your vacation rental remains competitive, captivating, and ever-evolving in its design narrative.

  • Take a Historic Approach

Every location is steeped in history, a tapestry of tales waiting to be told. Leveraging the stories and architectural remnants of bygone eras can transform your vacation rental into a time capsule of luxury. Consider the chronicles associated with your property's region. If you're in a town renowned for its Victorian-era landmarks, infuse your interiors with Victorian charm—velvet drapes, ornate woodwork, and antique pieces. Conversely, a location with a rich industrial past could play host to a design featuring exposed brickwork and metallic accents. Such historically anchored renovations not only create a thematic richness but also offer guests a tactile connection to the past, making their stay profoundly memorable.

  • Choose a Unifying Theme

A clearly defined theme can serve as the backbone for all your design choices, bringing cohesion and resonance to every nook and corner. Ponder the most compelling aspects of your property. Is it a lakeside retreat? Perhaps a "Tranquil Waters" theme would be fitting, using gentle blues, wooden docks, and decorative oars. For a loft in the heart of the city, a "Metropolitan Chic" design with monochromatic palettes, sleek furniture, and modern art might hit the mark. Your chosen theme acts as a narrative that guides guests through their stay, ensuring each moment feels interconnected and purposefully designed, enriching their overall experience.


The realm of interior design is vast, ever-evolving, and brimming with inspiration. As vacation rental owners, our mission is to fuse design with comfort, ensuring our guests enjoy a memorable stay. By looking beyond the conventional and embracing diverse sources of inspiration, from local landscapes to global trends, we can truly create spaces that stand out and keep guests returning. Remember, every choice you make leaves an imprint on your guest’s experience. Make it count.

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