5 Things To Know About Apartment Roof Replacement

Whether you are a property manager or a landlord, one of the essential factors you should consider is the safety of your tenants. This means regularly checking on building issues inside and outside. 

However, even if you periodically maintain your apartment complex, you will sometimes encounter issues. These issues can be plumbing, flooring, drywall, etc. Another primary problem you might come across would be roof damage. 

Unfortunately, having issues with your apartment roof is common as most complexes use asphalt shingles. Asphalt shingles require more maintenance than other types. You might need to replace your roof for several reasons: damaged shingles, gutter buildup, or moss accumulation. 

If you are considering replacing your apartment roof, but don’t know where to start, don’t worry! Here, we will review our top five things to know about an apartment roof replacement.

5 Reasons Why your Apartment Roof Needs to be Replaced

Sometimes when managing your property, you will encounter issues involving your roof. It’s essential to note that without regular upkeep, it can lead to potential damage and other tedious problems. Below, we will review several reasons why you need to replace your roof. 

Dark Streaks on Apartment Roof Shingles

When inspecting your roof, you might see signs of discoloration. This is typically a sign of algae accumulation, leading to dirt, soot, tree elements, or other particles on your shingles. While this does appear harmless, if left unresolved, it can potentially lead to ceiling links inside the complex. This issue generally occurs in a warm, moist environment. 

Mossy Apartment Roof 

Another reason why you might need to replace your roof is from moss buildup. This can be another sign of excess moisture. However, this is a minor issue with an easy fix in contrast to having dark streaks on your shingles. Since it’s a minor problem, it doesn’t require immediate attention. 

Though, if you’re concerned with the cosmetic factors of your complex, it’s advised to have it removed as soon as possible. Then, we suggest seeking professional help to remove the moss from your roof thoroughly without any other arising issues.

Damaged Apartment Roof Shingles 

Due to extreme weather or other elements, some of the asphalt shingles are at risk of flying or breaking off from the roof. So if you happen to see your roof missing shingles or some are broken, that could be a clear sign it needs replacing. 

As previously mentioned, asphalt shingles need to be regularly maintained. Another factor that leads to broken or missing shingles might be poor quality.

Storm and Wind Damage 

Another cause of broken or missing shingles, leading to roof repair or replacement, can be storm and wind damage. 

Due to strong winds and storms, your roof shingles can fly off or break. It’s crucial that when this happens, you replace it immediately as exposed; damaged areas can lead to leaks. Aside from wind damage, heavy rain or hailstorms can cause decay or granule loss.

Gutter Buildup 

This is a primary cause leading to roof replacement. One of the main elements that accumulate in your gutter are nature particles, but sometimes it can be your shingle’s granule or other materials from your roof. When you start finding roof materials in your gutter, this signifies that it needs to be replaced. 

5 Things to Consider When Replacing your Apartment Roof 

So now that you know what causes roof damage, you are in the process of figuring out how to replace it. However, you must consider several factors before you notify your tenants and hire professionals.

Plan Ahead 

It’s essential to have a structured plan before going about replacing your apartment roof. First, you must contact your insurance company to ensure the roof replacement is covered.

Usually, you should have a landlord’s policy, which will help you with apartment-related issues. If your roof is damaged significantly, you will have to alert your tenants if they cannot stay inside their apartments. This brings us to our following factor: notifying tenants. 

Notifying your Tenants 

Notifying your tenants is vital when replacing your roof. They cannot stay in their apartment if your roof is extensively damaged. If you have insurance, then check your coverage. Your insurance may cover tenant accommodations to help them procure temporary housing. 

Also, depending on the duration it takes to replace the roof, you should email or text your tenants regular updates so that they know what’s happening and how soon they’ll be able to return to their apartment. 

The Cost 

Another factor to consider is the cost of replacing your roof. The national average cost of replacing your roof ranges from $5,500 to $11,000. You must factor in the square footage and roof material your apartment needs. You also have to consider if your insurance covers this project. 

The Duration It Takes to Complete 

When planning, you must consider how long it will take to replace the roof. How long it takes ranges from 1-12 days, depending on the severity of the roof. Not only will it help to know this factor to notify your tenants but if the roof replacement will get in the way of future projects. 

Return on Investment 

You also have to consider the return on investment for the roof replacement cost. Initially, if you invest in a new roof for your apartment, there is a 109% return. Investing in a new roof would increase its home value should you decide to sell the property.  

When Is It Ideal for Apartment Roof Replacement?

It’s essential to maintain your complex roof to avoid potential damage regularly. However, you must resolve this immediately if you detect anything amiss with your apartment roof, whether it’s gutter buildup, dark streaks, or other prominent factors. 

Overall Thoughts 

When replacing your apartment roof, it’s essential to plan ahead and notify your tenants. It’s also crucial to note when you need to replace it. By having an organized plan, you can execute this project efficiently. So, if you’re interested in a new roof, please feel free to contact us!

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