5 Things To Consider While Choosing Your Kitchen's Color

Picking up the color for your kitchen has to be the most challenging yet essential decision of your renovation process. One rushed decision can later make you regret it. Expert remodelers at Kitchen infinity say that a huge percentage of their clients have the most trouble while choosing the color theme for tier kitchens.

Looking for the right color depends not only on the style, wall color, but also on your floors, cabinets, and all little things used in the kitchen.

Here’s a simple guide to help you while choosing your kitchen’s color theme: 

1. What Are You Trying To Achieve?

This is where you need to figure what kind of feeling and aura you are trying to achieve. Do you want to add a bold look to your kitchen? Or do you want to keep it fresh and bright? Do you want to add a natural and environmental look to it? What look & feels you are aiming to give to your kitchen; is it contemporary, old-school, or industrial?

You can add bright colors to your cabinets & neutral tones to walls or paint it otherwise. This is an entirely personal choice and you should go for the colors that suit you the best. 

2. Cabinets Are Your Guide

Looking over the cabinets and their style will ease the selection process for you. They consume almost half of your kitchen's space and can significantly add to its look and feel. If your kitchen interior is traditional or classic, light colors will bring it to life, such as cream, grey, white, etc. Similarly, if the cabinet design is more contemporary or minimalistic, bright and fresh colors will bring everything together.

3. Take Account Of Lighting

The lights in your kitchen can shake things up. One light can bring life to the whole look of it. If you go for a dark tint and light it up with a more relaxed tone, it can make your room appear smaller. Apart from the tone of lighting, the angle of lights plays an equally important role in bleaching out the colors. A single tone can bring a vintage or a modern look to the entire kitchenette.

And don’t forget the natural light. Adding more natural light in your kitchen has multiple advantages. It saves you electricity bills, elevates the tones and colors of the kitchen, relaxes your mood and acts as a disinfectant in the kitchen. 

4. Did You Consider The Flooring?

If you are still indecisive about the color, flooring is another way to impact and ease your decision. Apart from the cabinets, flooring also takes up the most visual space in your kitchen. So, start thinking about what shade of colors will go well with the flooring.

If you are still confused, try thinking about it in two ways: do you want the flooring to blend with the rest of the look? Or do you want to go overboard and be bold with it? Either way, make sure you do not let the shades clash with each other rather than create a fusion.

5. Don't Let Bold Colors Scare You

If you have soft tones in the rest of your house, the kitchen is still the best place to make room for bold colors. The best way to play around with the bold colors is contrast. You can set the base as white and apply bold decor ideas on the kitchen

It does seem to be a risky choice, but it adds life to your home and highlights it. Sharp and crisp colors with creamy-toned cabinets can turn out the whole look.

In conclusion, there are no hard and fast rules in contrasting/coloring your kitchen; rather, it depends entirely on what you love and what excites you. So, choose the color palette that makes you happy the minute you step into the kitchen.

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