5 Reasons Why Installing Granite Countertops Is A Viable Investment

If you’re contemplating on upgrading your countertops, it is an excellent way of giving your kitchen a whole new appearance and feel. A popular choice of material is granite, being a nature stone since it is a durable material that adds luxury and sophistication to your kitchen. Here are five reasons why granite countertops are such a viable investment.

  1. Resistant To Scratching And Chipping

One of the primary reasons to invest in granite countertops are the durability they offer and resistance to scratching and chipping under habitual conditions. Granite is ranked second most durable material after diamonds. However, be careful not to use exceptionally sharp knives and meat cleavers on the surface since they are sharp enough to damage granite. Always use a cutting board for chopping, slicing and dicing of foods.

  1. A Highly Cost-Effective Choice

Granite is exceptionally affordable. The prices vary from $40 per square foot to $200, including installation. The thickness of the granite slab determines the cost of installing granite in your kitchen. If you’re on a stringent budget, granite tiles can lower the overall price of new countertops. However, make use of a professional like UrbanSource Countertops for determining the precise cost of the installation. Make sure you use a professional, since the right installation can provide you with granite countertops that can last for thirty years.

  1. Moisture, Stain And Heat Resistant

Besides being resistant to scrapping and chipping, granite can also withstand moisture stains with the right sealant application. Granite is highly porous;therefore, sealant is vital to protect it against staining and etching from acids and alkalines. The sealant must be reapplied at least once yearly to maintain protection. Food spills and liquid must be removed instantly with a mild detergent and water. When spills dry on the countertop, a plastic scraper can be used for gently scraping them off. Granite is also heat-resistant, therefore hot pots and pans can be placed on the surface without the risk of scorching it.

  1. Adding Value To A Kitchen

Granite countertops in a kitchen is a worthwhile investment for adding value to your home. You will be able to bring in more dollars once you decide to sell your home. Just ensure you install hidden brackets for a more sophisticated appearance.

  1. Every Piece Of Granite Is Unique

Since every slab of granite is unique in color and features, it can easily update your kitchen’s look and ambiance. While you might find numerous slabs that are similar in color, they usually vary in lightness, darkness veining and pattern. This means you can install granite countertops that matches the décor of your kitchen and can be the focal point in your kitchen to grab the attention of your guests.


Based on the benefits mentioned above, it is easy to see why granite countertops are a favorable options for many homeowners, plus it can outlast most other material choices. Installing granite is more an investment, rather than an expense and you won’t regret your decision when choosing it as your choice of material.

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