5 Symptoms of a Damaged Sewer Pipe

A broken sewer line is a serious matter. If left untreated it will ultimately cause a backup of sewage which will flow up through your toilet and sink to enter your home. That’s not something that any homeowner wants to consider.

It’s worth noting that the local authority will deal with blocked sewers that are outside the boundary of your property. However, any problem that is within your property line will need to be dealt with, and paid for, by you.

Obviously, identifying the problem early will reduce the likely cost of repairing it. That’s why you must be aware of the most common symptoms of a damaged sewer pipe.

  1. Frequently clogged drains

Drains that are slow to drain or often clogged are telling you there is a problem with the sewer line. It’s time to call a reputable plumber Sydney and get the issue looked at.

It’s worth noting that if the clog only appears to happen in one particular drain then you’ll have a localized problem to that appliance.

If all your appliances are affected then the clog is likely to be in the main sewer line.

  1. Unpleasant Aroma

Another telltale sign is an unpleasant aroma, particularly in your yard. It’s worth locating where your sewer pipe runs from your home to the street. You can then walk the route periodically to monitor for unpleasant and unusual aromas. Any smell associated with waste is likely to mean you have a broken sewer line and it needs to be sorted quickly.

You should never normally smell these aromas.

  1. Rodents in your Yard

Rats and other rodents are attracted to food waste and the odors of a sewer line. If you have a leaking sewer then you’re going to notice a higher-than-normal number of rodents in your yard.

It’s worth contacting your plumber as well as a pest control expert. You’ll want to get both issues sorted.

If you’re not sure about rodent activity then walk the sewer line looking for rodent feces.

  1. Lush Grass patch

Waste products are full of nutrients, this is part of the reason that rodents are attracted to your yard. But, they also act as great fertilizers. If you have a leaking sewer pipe the ground around the leak will likely be full of nutrients. This will translate as lush green grass or plants that have grown much taller and faster than the rest of the yard.

Again, this is something you’ll note when you’re walking your sewer line.

  1. Waste in yard

Potentially the most obvious sign that you have an issue is when you see actually waste in the yard from your sewer pipe.

This will need urgent attention. If the waste has made it to the surface then the issue has been there for a while, the longer you leave it the worse it will get. Don’t forget the sewer pipe runs at least a foot below the ground, for it to be on the surface it will have been leaking for a while. It’s time to get help.

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